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Render Eliot logs as an ASCII tree

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Render Eliot logs as an ASCII tree.

This output:

$ eliot-tree eliot.log
└── app:soap:client:request/1 ⇒ started
    ├── dump: /home/user/dump_files/20150303/1425356936.28_Client_req.xml
    ├── soapAction: a_soap_action
    ├── timestamp: 2015-03-03 04:28:56.278875
    ├── uri:
    ├── app:soap:client:success/2/1 ⇒ started
    │   ├── timestamp: 2015-03-03 04:28:57.516579
    │   └── app:soap:client:success/2/2 ⇒ succeeded
    │       ├── dump: /home/user/dump_files/20150303/1425356937.52_Client_res.xml
    │       └── timestamp: 2015-03-03 04:28:57.517077
    └── app:soap:client:request/3 ⇒ succeeded
        ├── status: 200
        └── timestamp: 2015-03-03 04:28:57.517161

└── app:soap:service:request/1 ⇒ started
    ├── dump: /home/user/dump_files/20150303/1425357068.03_Service_req.xml
    ├── soapAction: method
    ├── timestamp: 2015-03-03 04:31:08.032091
    ├── uri: /endpoints/soap/method
    ├── app:soap:service:success/2/1 ⇒ started
    │   ├── timestamp: 2015-03-03 04:31:11.512330
    │   └── app:soap:service:success/2/2 ⇒ succeeded
    │       ├── dump: /home/user/dump_files/20150303/1425357071.51_Service_res.xml
    │       └── timestamp: 2015-03-03 04:31:11.513453
    └── app:soap:service:request/3 ⇒ succeeded
        ├── status: 200
        └── timestamp: 2015-03-03 04:31:11.513992

was generated from:

{"dump": "/home/user/dump_files/20150303/1425356936.28_Client_req.xml", "timestamp": 1425356936.278875, "uri": "", "action_status": "started", "task_uuid": "f3a32bb3-ea6b-457c-aa99-08a3d0491ab4", "action_type": "app:soap:client:request", "soapAction": "a_soap_action", "task_level": [1]}
{"timestamp": 1425356937.516579, "task_uuid": "f3a32bb3-ea6b-457c-aa99-08a3d0491ab4", "action_type": "app:soap:client:success", "action_status": "started", "task_level": [2, 1]}
{"task_uuid": "f3a32bb3-ea6b-457c-aa99-08a3d0491ab4", "action_type": "app:soap:client:success", "dump": "/home/user/dump_files/20150303/1425356937.52_Client_res.xml", "timestamp": 1425356937.517077, "action_status": "succeeded", "task_level": [2, 2]}
{"status": 200, "task_uuid": "f3a32bb3-ea6b-457c-aa99-08a3d0491ab4", "task_level": [3], "action_type": "app:soap:client:request", "timestamp": 1425356937.517161, "action_status": "succeeded"}
{"dump": "/home/user/dump_files/20150303/1425357068.03_Service_req.xml", "timestamp": 1425357068.032091, "uri": "/endpoints/soap/method", "action_status": "started", "task_uuid": "89a56df5-d808-4a7c-8526-e603aae2e2f2", "action_type": "app:soap:service:request", "soapAction": "method", "task_level": [1]}
{"timestamp": 1425357071.51233, "task_uuid": "89a56df5-d808-4a7c-8526-e603aae2e2f2", "action_type": "app:soap:service:success", "action_status": "started", "task_level": [2, 1]}
{"task_uuid": "89a56df5-d808-4a7c-8526-e603aae2e2f2", "action_type": "app:soap:service:success", "dump": "/home/user/dump_files/20150303/1425357071.51_Service_res.xml", "timestamp": 1425357071.513453, "action_status": "succeeded", "task_level": [2, 2]}
{"status": 200, "task_uuid": "89a56df5-d808-4a7c-8526-e603aae2e2f2", "task_level": [3], "action_type": "app:soap:service:request", "timestamp": 1425357071.513992, "action_status": "succeeded"}


It’s possible to pipe data into eliot-tree, from a tailed log for example, and have it rendered incrementally. There is a caveat though: Trees are only rendered once an end message—a success or failure status—for the tree’s root action appears in the data.

Usage from Python

import json, sys
from eliottree import tasks_from_iterable, render_tasks
# Or `codecs.getwriter('utf-8')(sys.stdout).write` on Python 2.
render_tasks(sys.stdout.write, tasks, colorize=True)

See help(render_tasks) and help(tasks_from_iterable) from a Python REPL for more information.

Usage from the command-line

$ eliot-tree
usage: eliot-tree [-h] [-u UUID] [-i KEY] [--raw]
                  [--color {always,auto,never}] [--no-colorize] [-l LENGTH]
                  [--select QUERY] [--start START] [--end END]
                  [FILE [FILE ...]]

Display an Eliot log as a tree of tasks.

positional arguments:
  FILE                  Files to process. Omit to read from stdin.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -u UUID, --task-uuid UUID
                        Select a specific task by UUID
  -i KEY, --ignore-task-key KEY
                        Ignore a task key, use multiple times to ignore
                        multiple keys. Defaults to ignoring most Eliot
                        standard keys.
  --raw                 Do not format some task values (such as UTC
                        timestamps) as human-readable
  --color {always,auto,never}
                        Color the output. Defaults based on whether the output
                        is a TTY.
  -l LENGTH, --field-limit LENGTH
                        Limit the length of field values to LENGTH or a
                        newline, whichever comes first. Use a length of 0 to
                        output the complete value.
  --select QUERY        Select tasks to be displayed based on a jmespath
                        query, can be specified multiple times to mimic
                        logical AND. If any child task is selected the entire
                        top-level task is selected. See <>
  --start START         Select tasks whose timestamp occurs after (or on) an
                        ISO8601 date.
  --end END             Select tasks whose timestamp occurs before an ISO8601


See <> for details.

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