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API adapter used to control programmatically an Elmo alarm system.

Project description


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Elmo is an API adapter used to control programmatically an Elmo alarm system. Through a generic configuration, the client allows:

  • Retrieving access tokens to make API calls
  • Obtaining/releasing the system Lock() to have exclusive control of the system
  • Arm/disarm all the alarms registered in the system

This project is a Work in Progress and the following functionalities are part of the roadmap:

  • Retrieve alarm status (armed/disarmed) via read-only API
  • Arm/disarm a single alarm or a subset
  • REST stateless API on top of the ElmoClient to expose these functionalities via Google Cloud Functions


  • Python 3.5+
  • requests

Getting Started

Elmo is not available on PyPI so installation from this repository is required:

$ pip install git+

Arm/disarm the System

from elmo.api.client import ElmoClient

# Initialize the client with an API endpoint and a vendor and
# authenticate your connection to retrieve the access token
client = ElmoClient("", "vendor")
client.auth("username", "password")

# To arm/disarm the system you must gain the exclusive Lock()
with client.lock("secret-code") as c:
    c.arm()     # Arms all alarms
    c.disarm()  # Disarms all alarms

The access token is valid for 10 minutes after that you need to authenticate again to refresh the token. Obtaining the lock via client.lock("code") is mandatory to arm or disarm the alert, otherwise the API returns 403.

Once the lock is obtained, other clients cannot connect to the alarm system and only a manual override on the terminal is allowed. Outside the context manager, the lock is automatically released.


We accept external contributions even though the project is mostly designed for personal needs. If you think some parts can be exposed with a more generic interface, feel free to open a GitHub issue and to discuss your suggestion.

Coding Guidelines

We use flake8 as a style guide enforcement. Said that, we also use black to reformat our code, keeping a well defined style even for quotes, multi-lines blocks and other. Before submitting your code, be sure to launch black to reformat your PR.


tox is used to execute the following test matrix:

  • lint: launches flake8 and black --check to be sure the code honors our style guideline
  • py{35,36,37}: launches py.test to execute all tests under Python 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7.

To launch the full test matrix, just:

$ tox

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