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SQL-like command line client for ElasticSearch

Project description

You know, for Query
A SQL-like command line / REPL client for ElasticSearch


elseql [--debug] [--port=host:port]


* select - see SEARCH SYNTAX
* describe [index]
* set options [on|off]
* help


SELECT {fields}
[FACETS facet-fields]
[SCRIPT script-field = 'script']
FROM index
[WHERE where-condition]
[FILTER filter-condition]
[ORDERY BY order-fields]
[LIMIT [start,] count]

fields: '*' or comma-separated list of field names to be returned

facet-fields: comma-separated list of fields to execute a facet query on

script-field: name of script field, to be used in select clause
script: ElasticSearch script

index: index to query

{field-name} [ = != > >= < <= ] {value}
{field-name} LIKE {value}
{field-name} IN (value1, value2, ...)
{field-name} BETWEEN {min-value} AND {max-value}
NOT {where-condition}
{where-condition} AND {where-condition}
{where-condition} OR {where-condition}

or where-condition:
'query in Lucene syntax'

QUERY {where-condition} - query filter, same syntax as where condition
EXIST {field-name} - exists field filter
MISSING {} - missing field filter

order-fields: comma-separated list of {field-name} [ASC | DESC]

start: start index for pagination
count: maximum number of returned results

A special case for LIMIT start,count allows to do a "scroll" query (i.e. results will be returned in batches):

start: -1 - enable "scroll" query
count: batch size - the query will return {count} results (actually {count} per shard) and will be repeated until all results are returned.

This is very useful when you are expecting large result sets (or you are doing a full table scan). Note that in
"scroll" mode sort and facets are disabled.


From pypi:

sudo easy_install elseql
sudo pip install elseql

With python and setuptools installed:

sudo python install

You can also run the command without installing as:

python -m elseql.elseql

To do this you will need the pyparsing, rawes and cmd2 packages installed, that are automatically installed in the previous step.

sudo easy_install pyparsing
sudo easy_install rawes
sudo easy_install cmd2

The cmd2 package add a few extra features "command-line" related features. The most useful is redirection:

elsesql> select id,field1,field2 from index where condition > result.csv

Note that because '>' is used for redirection you'll need to use GT in the where clause insted (also available LT, GTE, LTE)

### SEE ALSO, You know, for Search

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