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A package to look up the country of email addresses and domains

Project description

email2country (Python Package)

This is an easy-to-use Python package to look up the country given an email address. The GitHub project is at email2country.


Requirement: Python 3

pip install --upgrade git+git://

How to Run

(All country names are conssitent with ISO 3166-1)

Function 1: Find the country where the email server is located

>>> from email2country import email2country
>>> email2country('')
'United States'

Or you can just use the domain

>>> email2country('')
'Hong Kong'

Function 2: Find the country where the institution of this email address is located

>>> from email2country import Email, email2institution_country

>>> email2institution_country('')
'United States'

>>> email2institution_country('')
[Info] Email domain "" is generic. There is no specific country.

>>> email2institution_country('zhijing@gmail.com111')
[Info] Country not found for "gmail.com111"

Function 3: Look up in batches

>>> from email2country import batch_email2institution_country
>>> batch_email2institution_country(['','', ''])
['United States', None, 'Hong Kong']

# or you can enable the "enable warning" option:
>>> batch_email2institution_country(['','', ''], enable_warning=True)
[Info] Email domain "" is generic. There is no specific country.
['United States', None, 'Hong Kong']

# Similarly, you can try email2country lookup
>>> from email2country import batch_email2country
>>> batch_email2country(['','', ''])

Function 4: Customize your own function

You can use the EmailCountryChecker object directly:

>>> from email2country import EmailCountryChecker
>>> checker = EmailCountryChecker()
>>> checker.get_institution_country('', enable_warning=True)
'Hong Kong'
>>> # ... Perform your own actions

Or you can use the Email object

>>> from email2country import Email 
>>> addr = ''
>>> email = Email(addr)
'United States'
>>> email.institution_country
'United States'


If you have more questions, feel free to contact the author Zhijing Jin (Miss).

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