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A backport of the newest Python 2.x email module to >= Python 2.3

Project description

The email_backport package is a wrap-up of the email > 4.x module
found in Python 2.5 and above.

This is to create a simple way of creating email-related code that
works with existing Python code and interpreters (>= Python 2.3) as
there has been a lot of changes such as new naming standards, see

To use in your code, try something like:

EMAIL_4 = False
global EMAIL_4
import email
from email import message
if hasattr(email, 'backport'):
EMAIL_4 = True
except ImportError:
import email_backport as email
EMAIL_4 = True

If EMAIL_4 is true, we're good to go, if not, one can disable mail
features of the application.

The versioning of email_backport follows Python's email module
internal version.

You can find the SVN version of this package here:

Login is svnaccess/svnaccess (read-only access). If you want to
contribute, drop us a line!

4.0.3b2 (2012-04-24)

- Cleaned up code, creating simpler import of email_backport

- Updated documentation

- Modified to use split instead of partition.


- Initial setup

Project details

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email_backport-4.0.3b3.tar.gz (146.9 kB view hashes)

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