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Emailed Before

A simple Python library for keeping track when emails about some topics were sent.


You can install the library from PyPI.

pip install emailed-before


First construct a SentEmails instance:

from emailedbefore import SentEmails

sent_emails = SentEmails(sqlite_file)

sqlite_file is the path to a Sqlite3 file. It will be created if it doesn't exist yet.

You can then register the fact that an email has been sent.

email = ""
topic = "Your library books are due"
sent_emails.register(email, topic)

To find out when emails about a topic were sent you can use the sent_at method, which returns a list of datetimes. The list is ordered.

from datetime import datetime, timedelta

# Remind the user about those books again after a week.
datetimes = sent_emails.sent_at(email, topic)
if len(datetimes) and - datetimes[-1] > timedelta(days=7):
    ... # email the user

For convenience, there is also a method last_sent_at which returns the datetime when the last email was sent (or None if no email has been sent). So the previous code example can be rewritten as:

from datetime import datetime, timedelta

# Remind the user about those books again after a week.
last_sent = sent_emails.last_sent_at(email, topic)
if last_sent and - last_sent > timedelta(days=7):
    ... # email the user

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