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Elegant and simple email library for python 2/3

Project description

Emails without pain for python.

What can you do:

Create message:

import emails
message = emails.html(html=open('letter.html'),
                      subject='Friday party',
                      mail_from=('Company Team', ''))

Attach files or inline images:

message.attach( data=open('event.ics'), filename='Event.ics' )
message.attach( data=open('image.png'), filename='image.png', content_disposition='inline' )

Add DKIM easily:

message.dkim( key=open('my.key'), domain='', selector='newsletter' )


from emails.template import JinjaTemplate as T

message = emails.html(subject=T('Payment Receipt No.{{no}}'),
                      html=T('<p>Dear {{account}} owner! This is a receipt for your subscription...'),
                      mail_from=('ABC', ''))

message.send(to=('John Braun', ''), render={'account': 'lavr', 'no':'141051906163'} )

Send without pain and (even) get response:

SMTP = { 'host':'', 'port': 465, 'ssl': True }
r = messages.send(to=('John Braun', ''), smtp=SMTP)
assert r.status_code == 250

One more thing

Library ships with fairy email-from-html loader. Design email with less pain or even let designers make design:

import emails
URL = ''
page = emails.loader.from_url(URL, css_inline=True, make_links_absolute=True)
message = emails.html(html=page.html, ...)
for mail_to in _get_maillist():


Install from pypi:

$ [sudo] pip install emails

Install on Ubuntu from PPA:

$ [sudo] add-apt-repository ppa:lavrme/python-emails-ppa
$ [sudo] apt-get update
$ [sudo] apt-get install python-emails


  • Internationalization & Unicode bodies

  • DKIM signatures

  • HTML page loader & CSS inliner

  • Body and attachments http import

  • Body & headers preprocessors


  • Python3 (almost done)

  • Add “safety stuff” from django (done)

  • Django integration (django.core.mail.backends.smtp.EmailBackend subclass)

  • Flask extension

  • Documentation

  • 100% test coverage

  • More accurate smtp session handling

  • Some patches for pydkim performance (i.e. preload key once, not each time)

  • More genius css inliner

  • Catch all bugs

  • ESP integration: Amazon SES, SendGrid, …

  • deb package (ubuntu package done)

  • rpm package

How to Help

Library is under development and contributions are welcome!

  1. Open an issue to start a discussion around a bug or a feature.

  2. Fork the repository on GitHub and start making your changes to a new branch.

  3. Write a test which shows that the bug was fixed.

  4. Send a pull request. Make sure to add yourself to AUTHORS.


Library inspired by excellent python-requests and werkzeug library. Some code is from my experience.

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