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Makes available emoji annotation data

Project description

# emojitations

A library for using Unicode emoji annotations. Emoji annotations can provide your scripts with a simple way to interpret emoji, or select a random one satisfying certain criteria. Annotations can be seen listed here on the Unicode website:

## Requirements

  1. Python 3.+

This library is pure python 3 and has no other requirements.

## Installation

python3 install

## Usage

Emoji are available under their names at emoji.whatever. These objects include an annotations set and you can use the emoji attribute or str() to get their emoji strings. To get all emoji in an annotation, use emoji.annotation.whatever. This returns frozen sets which then can be combined using set operations.

The library also provides (preliminary) support for foreign languages, available as for example.

See the examples below for details.

`python >>> from emojitations import emoji >>> emoji.grinning_face.annotations frozenset({'grin', 'face'}) >>> print(''.join(str(grin) for grin in emoji.annotation.grin)) 😸😁😀 >>> print(''.join(str(grin) for grin in emoji.annotation.grin & 😸 >>> print(str( 💳 `

0.1.0 (2016-03-17)

  • Initial development version.

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