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Python module to get Sentiment Rankings for Unicode Emojis.

Project description


emosent-py is a Python utility package to get Sentiment Rankings for Unicode Emojis.

Based on the research by Kralj Novak P, Smailović J, Sluban B, Mozetič I (2015) on Sentiment of Emojis.

Journal Link:

CSV Data acquired from CLARIN repository, Repository Link:

This project is inspired by emoji-sentiment, a similar utility written in JavaScript.

Emoji Support

The complete listed of Emojis to Sentiment Ranking supported by this project can be found at Emoji Sentiment Ranking v1.0.


You can install emosent-py from using pip:

pip install emosent-py


Example 1

from emosent import get_emoji_sentiment_rank


{'unicode_codepoint': '0x2764',
 'occurrences': 8050,
 'position': 0.746943086,
 'negative': 355.0,
 'neutral': 1334.0,
 'positive': 6361.0,
 'unicode_name': 'HEAVY BLACK HEART',
 'unicode_block': 'Dingbats',
 'sentiment_score': 0.746}

Example 2

from emosent import get_emoji_sentiment_rank

# This function returns the emoji sentiment rank 
# mapped to the specified character.


{'unicode_codepoint': '0x1f602',
 'occurrences': 14622,
 'position': 0.805100583,
 'negative': 3614.0,
 'neutral': 4163.0,
 'positive': 6845.0,
 'unicode_name': 'FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY',
 'unicode_block': 'Emoticons',
 'sentiment_score': 0.221}

Example 3

from emosent import get_emoji_sentiment_rank_multiple

# Parses the input text character by character and 
# extracts emoji sentiment ranks and their respective positions in the text.
get_emoji_sentiment_rank_multiple('well done buddy! 😁👏')


# Here, the emojis are found at positions 17 and 18 in the specified text.
[{'text_position': 17,
  'emoji_sentiment_rank': {'unicode_codepoint': '0x1f601',
   'occurrences': 2189,
   'position': 0.796151187,
   'negative': 278.0,
   'neutral': 648.0,
   'positive': 1263.0,
   'unicode_block': 'Emoticons',
   'sentiment_score': 0.45}},
 {'text_position': 18,
  'emoji_sentiment_rank': {'unicode_codepoint': '0x1f44f',
   'occurrences': 2336,
   'position': 0.787130164,
   'negative': 243.0,
   'neutral': 634.0,
   'positive': 1459.0,
   'unicode_name': 'CLAPPING HANDS SIGN',
   'unicode_block': 'Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs',
   'sentiment_score': 0.521}}]


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.txt file for more details.

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