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Emporium provides an abstraction over file stores. It currently supports storing files on local disk, in memory, or on S3. Most stores are implemented as a simple wrapper around the smart-open package.


The following code snippet creates a store, writes some text to a file in the store, and then reads and prints the file twice. The file hello.txt will have been created under folder data/job, relative to the current working directory.

from emporium import create_store

config = {
    "type": "local",
    "base_path": "data"

store = create_store(config)

with store.write("job/hello.txt") as handle:

with"job/hello.txt") as handle:

substore = store.substore("job/")

with"hello.txt") as handle:

To write the file to a key in S3, change the config definition to the following:

config = {
     "type": "s3",
     "bucket": "my-data-bucket",
     "prefix": "data"

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