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A small deploy utility package

Project description

EMS Deploy script

This project provides a general-purpose deploy script for the EMS projects. It runs the suitable docker-compose command based on the available docker-compose files located in the directory.


pip install ems-deploy

Directory structure and required files

Deploy concatenates a docker-compose command.

docker-compose.yml Required. docker-compose.deploy.yml Default if no tags are given when running the command. docker-compose.<tag1>.<tag2>.<etc>.yml Optional. Notice there can be any number of tags.

How to use

deploy [-h] [-d] [-v] [--dry-run] [--flags "<flag1> <flag2>"] [tag]

If a tag is supplied, it will append all parent-tags too, and they are required. I.e. if we run the command deploy debug.test, it will add (and require) the following three files


Notice one can also use the full file as a tag. That is, the following command will give the same result deploy docker-compose.debug.test.yml.

The first level tag will be used as the project name, i.e. the docker-compose -p command.

Configuration file

An argument string can be saved to a file named .ems-deploy. The arguments in this string will then automatically be added to the deploy-command. Additional arguments to the deploy-command will overwrite the commands from the configuration file.


The following flags are always added to the docker-compose command:

  • --force-recreate
  • --renew-anon-volumes
  • --build

If the first level tag is deploy, the -d is automatically added.


To deploy the app with docker-compose.yml and docker-compose.deploy.yml, simply run


Additional flags

  • -d Detaches the process (this is automatically done in deploy-mode, but not in debug-mode)
  • -v Writes the resulting command to the terminal.
  • --dry-run Will not execute the command
  • --flags Change default flags. Must specify a sting afterwards, e.g. --flags "--force-recreate --build"

Project details

Download files

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ems-deploy-0.0.13.tar.gz (5.2 kB view hashes)

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