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Command line utility to call the Slack app

Project description

Endid Python and Command-line client

NOTE: This package is effectively archived because the service has now become a native GitHub / Slack integration allowing you to monitor GitHub Actions in Slack with zero YAML to manage! See for the latest details.

Command-line utility and Python client for calling the Endid Slack app to announce that a task has ended! is a simpler more flexible webhook - an informal Slack integration for developers and data scientists.

Find yourself constantly checking terminals, notebooks, or web apps waiting to see if your dev tasks have finished?

Endid supplies a single token for any Slack channel. You can use Endid's simple API or command-line utility to let you know when any process has completed.

You can mute notifications temporarily right within Slack.


To install both Python and Command-line clients:

pip install endid

Endid will install no other dependencies at all.


Both clients store last-used tokens and messages on your system, so subsequently calling the bare-bones client with no token will still reach Slack.

Once Endid is installed in Slack, go to any channel (or message history with Endid app bot) and type /endid. You will receive a token such as 7c710a188f874520be1f7ab7815c6cd1 which you would use in the examples below.

Command Line

Supply the token as an argument so a simple message ('Your task has ended!') appears in the Slack channel:

endid -t 7c710a188f874520be1f7ab7815c6cd1

Next time, just call endid to reuse the same token and Slack channel:


Supply a custom message (to the saved channel/token):

endid -t 7c710a188f874520be1f7ab7815c6cd1 -m 'Here is a message'

For more command-line options run endid -h

From Python code

From your Python code, for example in a Jupyter notebook:

import endid'7c710a188f874520be1f7ab7815c6cd1')

To use the same token as last time (whether from Python or Command-line):

import endid

Extra arguments:

message - a custom message to display in the Slack channel.

status - a status for the event OK | WARN | FAIL | NONE.

name - any string to act as an identifier for the event source.

writeprefs - whether to write token/message to the preferences file so they can become defaults next time (default=True)

readprefs - whether to read token/message from the preferences file (default=True)

printoutput - whether to print any success or error messages to the screen (default=False)

The call function returns an OK response from the API if everything goes to plan, and error messages if not.

GitHub Actions

We have a ready-made GitHub Action to easily send a Slack message via Endid.

The great thing is being able to mute notifications right from the Slack channel if they get a bit much, or to avoid disturbing colleagues while you develop your workflows.

Installation Troubleshooting

The installation instructions assume you have pip on your system. This is usually the case for modern Windows and Mac. If not, you can install pip first.

Alternatively, download this file, rename it to endid and place it somewhere in your path. Make it executable too.

If you are using virtualenvs for Python development, pip install endid may attempt to install it inside your active virtualenv - which will work fine as long as the virtualenv is active. To install 'globally' deactivate the virtualenv first. If you then get a complaint that pip 'could not find an activated virtualenv', first set the environment variable PIP_REQUIRE_VIRTUALENV=false.

Please do not hesitate to raise a GitHub Issue on this repo, or contact to resolve installation or usage issues on your system.

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