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AC Current Meter for Raspberry PI with GPIOZERO and MCP3008

Project description


⚡⚡ AC Current Meter for Raspberry PI ⚡⚡

A simple current meter based on:

- **SCT-030 030** Current sensor,
- **MCP3008** Analog to Digital converter (on RASP.IO Analog Zero Hat)
- **Raspberry PI**

* Plus a little web server (**flask** based) with real-time streaming, beautiful **matplotlib** svg's,
and some **bokeh** plots.

.. Warning:: TODO Hacer descripción del módulo


To get started:

.. code:: bash

pip install enerpi

enerpi -h

CLI Help:

.. code::

usage: enerpi [-h] [-e] [-r] [-d] [-f [TS]] [-p [IM]] [--store ST] [--compact]
[--backup BKP] [--clear] [--clearlog] [-i] [--last] [--temps]
[-l] [--debug] [-v] [-T ∆T] [-ts ∆T] [-w ∆T]


AC Current Meter for Raspberry PI with GPIOZERO and MCP3008

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit

☆ ENERPI Working Mode:
→ Choose working mode between RECEIVER / SENDER

-r, --receive ⚡ SET Broadcast Receiver mode (by default)
-d, --demo ☮️ SET Demo Mode (broadcast random values)

-f [TS], --filter [TS]
✂️ Query the HDF Store with pandas-like slicing:
"2016-01-07 :: 2016-02-01 04:00" --> df.loc["2016-01-07":"2016-02-01 04:00"]
(Pay atention to the double "::"!!)
· By default, "-f" filters data from 24h ago (.loc[2016-08-07 17:14:48:]).

-p [IM], --plot [IM] ⎙ Plot & save image with matplotlib in any compatible format.
· If not specified, PNG file is generated with MASK:
"enerpi_potencia_consumo_ldr_{{:%Y%m%d_%H%M}}_{{:%Y%m%d_%H%M}}.png" using datetime data limits.
· If only specifying image format, default mask is used with the desired format.
· If image path is passed, the initial (and final, optionally) timestamps of filtered data
can be used with formatting masks, like:
"/path/to/image/image_{:%c}_{:%H%M}.pdf" or "report_{:%d%m%y}.svg".

⚙ HDF Store Options:
--store ST ✏️ Set the .h5 file where save the HDF store.
Default: "/Users/uge/Dropbox/PYTHON/PYPROJECTS/enerpi/enerpi/../DATA/enerpi_data.h5"
--compact ✙✙ Compact the HDF Store database (read, delete, save)
--backup BKP ☔️ Backup the HDF Store
--clear ☠ Delete the HDF Store database
--clearlog ⚠️ Delete the LOG FILE at: "/Users/uge/Dropbox/PYTHON/PYPROJECTS/enerpi/enerpi/../DATA/enerpi.log"
-i, --info ︎ℹ️ Show data info
--last ︎ℹ️ Show last saved data

☕ DEBUG Options:
--temps ♨️ Show RPI temperatures (CPU + GPU)
-l, --log ☕ Show LOG FILE
--debug ☕ DEBUG Mode (save timing to csv)
-v, --verbose ‼️ Verbose mode ON BY DEFAULT!

⚒ Current Meter Sampling Configuration:
-T ∆T, --delta ∆T ⌚ Set Ts sampling (to database & broadcast), in seconds. Default ∆T: 1 s
-ts ∆T ⏱ Set Ts raw sampling, in ms. Default ∆T_s: 12 ms
-w ∆T, --window ∆T ⚖ Set window width in seconds for instant RMS calculation. Default ∆T_w: 2 s

*** By default, ENERPI starts as receiver (-r) ***

============ =============
|left-image| |right-image|
============ =============


.. code::

AC Current Meter for Raspberry PI with GPIOZERO and MCP3008
SENDER - RECEIVER vía UDP. Broadcast IP:, PORT: 57775
⚡ 17:10:51.380: 378 W; LDR=0.546 ◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼︎⇡

.. |left-image| image::
:width: 100%
:alt: CLI Receiver
:align: bottom

.. |right-image| image::
:width: 100%
:alt: CLI Compact & Backup data
:align: bottom

.. |plot-image| image::
:width: 120%
:alt: Matplotlib plot sample
:align: bottom

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