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Enriched extends rich library functionality with a set of changes that were not accepted to rich itself.

Console with redirect support

Our Console class adds one additional option to rich.Console in order to redirect sys.stdout and sys.stderr streams using a FileProxy.

from enrich.console import Console
import sys

console = Console(
    redirect=True,  # <-- not supported by rich.cosole.Console

# this assert would have passed without redirect=True
assert console.export_text() == "foo"

Console with implicit soft wrapping

If you want to produce fluid terminal output, one where the client terminal decides where to wrap the text instead of the application, you can now tell the Console constructor the soft_wrap preference.

from enrich.console import Console
import sys

console = Console(soft_wrap=True)
console.print(...)  # no longer need to pass soft_wrap to each print

Console.print can also deal with ANSI escapes

Extends Rich Console to detect if original text already had ANSI escapes and decodes it before processing it. This solves the case where printing output captured from other processes that contained ANSI escapes would brake. upstream-404

Soft-wrapping logger

Rich logger assumes that you always have a fixed width console and it does wrap logged output according to it. Our alternative logger does exactly the opposite: it ignores the columns of the current console and prints output using a Console with soft wrapping enabled.

The result are logged lines that can be displayed on any terminal or web page as they will allow the client to decide when to perform the wrapping.

import logging
from enrich.logging import RichHandler

FORMAT = "%(message)s"
    level="NOTSET", format=FORMAT, datefmt="[%X]", handlers=[RichHandler()]

log = logging.getLogger("rich")"Text that we do not want pre-wrapped by logger: %s", 100 * "x")

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