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Compare one dataset to another at a variety of p-value cutoffs

Project description

A simple script to compare p-values between a test and comparison dataset at a variety of p-value cutoffs. By plotting the enrichment score at a variety of cutoffs, it is possible to pick the optimal cutoff for your data.

Version: 1.0-beta2


For each p-value in the interval between max_pval (default: 0.05) and min_pval (default: 1e-15), we test at intervals of 1 and 5 for each order of magnitute, e.g. 0.05, 0.01, 0.005, 0.001, 5e-4, 1e-4, 5e-5, 1e-6, … 1e-15.

To test, we simply take all identities with a p-value less than the cutoff and compare them to all identities in the comparison set with p-values below the comp_set_pvalue. We simply ask what percentage or the test set are in the comparison set. We then do exactly the same with the entire set of identities in the comparison set that have a p-value greater than 0.98.

The identities are generally going to be gene or SNP names, but they can be anything (e.g. coordinates) as long as they overlap in the test and comparison data.


Install via PyPI:

pip install enrich_pvalues

Or install from github:

pip install

It should work with python 2 or 3, but python 3 is recommended.


In requirements.txt, we use numpy, pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, tabulate, and tqdm.


First, dump a configuration file to describe your data:

enrich_pvalues dump-config enrich_atac.json

This will also print a help table describing each option. You need to describe your comparison data and your test data, and pick your p-value thresholds.

Next, split your comparison dataset into two tables: significant, and not-significant:

enrich_pvalues split -c enrich_atac.json --prefix atac /path/to/comp_data.txt.gz

Now, run the enrichment using those two tables and your test data:

enrich_pvalues run -c enrich_atac.json -o atac_scores.xls -p atac /path/to/test_data.txt

Note, the second to last argument is the prefix from the second step.

Finally, plot the data. This can also be done by passing e.g. --plot myplot.png to the run step.

enrich_pvalues plot --prefix caQTL atac_scores.xls atac_plot.pdf

Note: the scores can be excel format, pickled format, or text format, depending on the suffix. Also, the prefix in this plot step is different, it is used to title the plot only, and so can be whatever you want.

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