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Set of Pandoc filters to aid in literate programming

Project description

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Entangled - Pandoc filters

This contains several Pandoc filters and scripts for literate programming in Markdown. These filters are enough to get you going with literate programming using Pandoc.

Filter Function
pandoc-annotate-codeblocks Adds annotation to code blocks in the woven output.
pandoc-doctest Runs doc-tests by passing the content of code blocks through Jupyter.
pandoc-tangle Generate source files from the content of code blocks.
pandoc-bootstrap Expand some elements specifically targeting a Bootstrap page.



  • Python >=3.7: All of these filters are written in Python. This is mainly to encourage as many users (I mean YOU) to start developing Pandoc filters.
  • Dhall: the pandoc-bootstrap filter requires dhall-to-json to be installed: see Dhall language. TLDR: download dhall-json-*-[windows|macos|linux].[zip|tar.bz2] from the Dhall release page, and extract it to a location in your $PATH. Dhall is awesome, it will make your life better.
pip install entangled-filters

For development

To run tests, after doing a normal install (to get the executables installed), run

pip install --upgrade -e .[test]

The executables are auto-generated by the script and call some python -m command.

Supported syntax

See the project homepage for more info.

Named code blocks

``` {.python #hello}
print("Hello, World!")

Reference code blocks

``` {.python #main}
def main():

Define files

``` {.python}

if __name__ == "__main__":

Documentation tests

``` {.python .doctest #the-question}


Extracts code blocks and writes them to files.

pandoc -t plain --filter pandoc-tangle


Annotates code blocks in generated HTML or PDF output with name tags.

pandoc -t html5 -s --filter pandoc-anotate-codeblocks


Runs doctests, and include results into output. Also annotates the code blocks (so no need to run pandoc-annotate-codeblocks).

pandoc -t html5 -s --filter pandoc-doctest


Also annotates code blocks, and has two features:

  • Expand a Dhall specification into a card deck for Bootstrap, that is a flex-box with a single row and several columns of cards. This is nice to have at the top of a page to draw attention to some key points.

  • Collapsible/foldable code blocks. Add a .bootstrap-fold class to a code block to have the code block hidden behind a button. This is nice for some larger uninteresting code.

This filter should be used together with a Bootstrap template for Pandoc. An example of its use can be seen here: Chaotic Pendulum, with the source code at gh:jhidding/chaotic-pendulum.


The Entangled pandoc filters is available as a Docker image.


In your current working directory with a file run

docker run --rm -ti --user $UID -v $PWD:/data nlesc/pandoc-tangle

This will extracts code blocks and writes them to files.


docker build -t nlesc/pandoc-tangle .

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

Source Distribution

entangled-filters-0.5.tar.gz (11.6 kB view hashes)

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