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An Enum-based implementation of switch for Python.

Project description

Enum-based Switch for Python

This is an attempt at creating a way to do a reliable, not-bug-prone implementation, for Python, of a switch thing like other languages have.

How it works

Suppose you have an enum, like this:

class Color(Enum):
    RED = 1
    GREEN = 2
    BLUE = 3

And you want to implement logic which branches based on a value which is of type Color. You can do it by subclassing the Switch class. The syntax should be obvious, but:

  • Inherit from Switch
  • Implement a method for each value of the Enum
  • If you are not implementing them all: add a default method.
  • If you leave any Enum value unaccounted for: it will raise an exception when you instantiate your class.


  • Instantiate your class
  • Call it as a function passing it a value from the Enum
  • The respective method will be executed and its return value returned
from enum_switch import Switch

class MySwitch(Switch):
    def RED(self):
        return "Apple"

    def GREEN(self):
        return "Kiwi"

    def BLUE(self):
        return "Sky"

switch = MySwitch()



And that's it.

Some additional notes:

  • Passing it something that is not a value of the correct Enum type will raise ValueError
  • default is optional

Hope someone finds it useful!

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