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A package for automatic generation of virtualenvs

Project description

Envbuilder is a system for automatically building virtualenvs in Python. To do this, it uses a .env config file to define parcels, which are individual pieces of software to be checked out and installed into the virtualenv.

It is mainly tested under Linux, but it should work under any platform that supports unix-y commands (including cygwin). In fact, you might even be able to make one config file work on both Windows and *nix if you’re careful.

Envbuilder has a few goals:

  • Transparency - You should understand what your build is doing and how it works.

  • Developer-friendly - Although envbuilder is perfectly fine for production deployment, it is primarily intended to make work environments for developers.

  • Dynamic - Envbuilder should be able to work with a variety of technologies, languages, and frameworks. Developers shouldn’t be limited to a narrowly defined set of technologies. And neither should their tools!

  • VCS-neutral - Envbuilder will work with your shiny new DVCS out of the box. In fact, it will work with any VCS that has a command-line interface. Use it with hg, git, bzr, SVN, or CVS (if you’re a masochist).

For more information, see the envbuilder documentation.


For the latest stable version, the easiest way to install envbuilder is through easy_intall:

easy_install envbuilder

You may also install the current development version using easy_install:

easy_install envbuilder==dev

Or you may download it directly.


If you have any issues using envbuilder, feel free to open an issue on the issue tracker or stop by the support mailing list.

Release Notes


Compatibility issues:

  • Most commands have been moved to envb-site-commands.

Other improvements:

  • Command handling has been revamped to allow for more plugability

  • Support for envb-site-commands

  • Dependency handling for commands

  • Lots of other miscellaneous fixes.


  • Requiring configobj 4.7.2 as it fixes some important bugs.


  • Adding a fix so that clean_pyc doesn’t delete files in the python2.6 directory.


  • Added a couple of examples. If you already have a working envbuilder installation, there is no requirement to upgrade.


  • Required the correct version of ConfigObj. This update is not necessary if you already have a working envbuilder installation.


  • Readded the envbuilder entry point as renaming it caused some strange issues.


  • The name option on parcels is now set automatically from the subsection name.

  • Added percent (command) variables.

  • Added the CWD built-in variable.

  • Added a dir option for parcels that defaults to the name.

  • Removed the test command. This can now be done with custom commands.

  • The envbuilder entry point is now envb.

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