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Simple Environment Variable Parsing

Project description

If you use Heroku and/or subscribe to the tenets of the 12 Factor App you’ll be using a lot of environment variable-based configuration in your app. os.environ is a great choice to start off with but over time you’ll find yourself duplicating quite a bit of code around handling raw environment variables.

envparse aims to eliminate this duplicated, often inconsistent parsing code and instead provide a single, easy-to-use wrapper that handles:

  • Casting environment variables to a type:

    mail_enabled = env('MAIL_ENABLED', cast=bool)
    if mail_enabled:
  • Specifying defaults:

    max_rows = env('MAX_ROWS', cast=int, default=100)
    rows = query(limit=max_rows)
  • Proxying values, useful in Heroku for wiring up the environment variables they provide to the ones that your app actually uses:

    MAILGUN_SMTP_LOGIN=foo          # Heroku provides this with add-on
    SMTP_LOGIN={MAILGUN_SMTP_LOGIN} # App uses proxied variable
    smtp_login = env('SMTP_LOGIN')
    assert smtp_login == 'foo'

Now if you switch to using Mandrill as an email provider, instead of having to modify your app, you can simply make a configuration change:

  • Define a schema so you can only need to provide the type and defaults once:

    # Bind schema to Env object to get schema-based lookups
    env = Env(MAIL_ENABLED=bool, SMTP_LOGIN=(str, 'foo'))
    assert env('MAIL_ENABLED') is False
    assert env('SMTP_LOGIN') == 'bar'
    ...later in the code...
    if env('MAIL_ENABLED'):

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