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Sentinelsat plugin to EODAG (

Project description


This repository is no longer maintained as SciHub / Copernicus Open Access Hub is now closed. You should now directly use EODAG with cop_dataspace (Copernicus Dataspace Ecosystem) provider which is the official data distribution system for Copernicus Sentinel data.


This is a repository for sentinelsat plugin to EODAG. It’s an Api plugin that enables to search and download EO products from catalogs implementing the SciHub / Copernicus Open Access Hub interface. It is basically a wrapper around sentinelsat, enabling it to be used on eodag.


eodag-sentinelsat is on PyPI:

python -m pip install eodag-sentinelsat


  1. Register to Scihub to get the required credentials (username/password).

  2. Follow the guidelines provided in EODAG’s documentation to configure the plugin. You can create a dedicated configuration file or edit the default one ~/.config/eodag/eodag.yml:

        priority: 2  # Must be higher than the other providers' priorities
                username: "PLEASE_CHANGE_ME"  # Your own username
                password: "PLEASE_CHANGE_ME"  # Your own password


Python API:

import eodag

dag = EODataAccessGateway()

search_results, _ =
    geom={"lonmin": 1, "latmin": 43, "lonmax": 2, "latmax": 44}
product_paths = dag.download_all(search_results)


eodag search \
   --productType S2_MSI_L1C \
   --start 2018-01-01 \
   --end 2018-01-31 \
   --box 1 43 2 44 \
   --storage my_search.geojson
eodag download --search-results my_search.geojson


If you intend to contribute to eodag-sentinelsat source code:

git clone
cd eodag-sentinelsat
python -m pip install -e .[dev]
pre-commit install

We use pre-commit to run a suite of linters, formatters and pre-commit hooks (black, isort, flake8) to ensure the code base is homogeneously formatted and easier to read. It’s important that you install it, since we run the exact same hooks in the Continuous Integration.

To run the default test suite (which excludes end-to-end tests):


To only run end-to-end test:

tox -- tests/


eodag-sentinelsat is licensed under GPLv3. See LICENSE for details.


eodag-sentinelsat has been created by CS GROUP - France.


See NOTICE file.

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