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Testing & Docker Build for edge PyPI - Python Version GitHub release (latest SemVer) PyPI - Downloads Docker Image Size (tag)

Arista Software Downloader

Script to download Arista softwares to local folder, Cloudvision or EVE-NG.

pip install eos-downloader

CLI commands

A new CLI is available to execute commands. This CLI is going to replace eos-download script which is now marked as deprecated

Usage: ardl [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Arista Network Download CLI

  --token TEXT  Arista Token from your customer account  [env var:
  --help        Show this message and exit.

  debug    Debug commands to work with ardl
  get      Download Arista from Arista website
  version  Display version of ardl

Download EOS Package

Supported packages are: EOS, cEOS, vEOS-lab, cEOS64

You can download EOS packages with following commands:

# Example for a cEOS package
$ ardl get eos --version 4.28.3M --image-type cEOS

Available options are :

  --image-type [64|INT|2GB-INT|cEOS|cEOS64|vEOS|vEOS-lab|EOS-2GB|default]
                                  EOS Image type  [required]
  --version TEXT                  EOS version  [required]
  --docker-name TEXT              Docker image name (default: arista/ceos)
                                  [default: arista/ceos]
  --output PATH                   Path to save image  [default: .]
  --log-level, --log [debug|info|warning|error|critical]
                                  Logging level of the command
  --eve-ng / --no-eve-ng          Run EVE-NG vEOS provisioning (only if CLI
                                  runs on an EVE-NG server)
  --disable-ztp / --no-disable-ztp
                                  Disable ZTP process in vEOS image (only
                                  available with --eve-ng)
  --import-docker / --no-import-docker
                                  Import docker image (only available with
                                  --image_type cEOSlab)

Download CVP package

Supported packages are: OVA, KVM, RPM, Upgrade

$ ardl get cvp --format upgrade --version 2022.2.1 --log-level debug --output ~/Downloads

Available options are :

  --format [ova|rpm|kvm|upgrade]  CVP Image type  [required]
  --version TEXT                  CVP version  [required]
  --output PATH                   Path to save image  [default: .]
  --log-level, --log [debug|info|warning|error|critical]
                                  Logging level of the command
  --help                          Show this message and exit.


Repository requires Python >=3.6 with following requirements:



Please refer to docker documentation


From an original idea of @Mark Rayson in arista-netdevops-community/eos-scripts


Code is under Apache2 License

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