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A simple high level library to work with Path

Project description

:sparkles: EpicPath :sparkles:

A high Level Python Library to work with Path

EpicPath is a SubClass of Path from pathlib. This class aims to simplify high level operations with path

Context and history

I'm a Computing Student tired of creating again and again the same functions through all my projects to do the exact same things... :tired_face: Indeed, in every of my projects I create files, delete them, create folders and delete them blablabla ... To solve this boring problem, I decided to create my own library that I can create one and only one time to use and reuse as many times as I wish to. And because I'm trying to be nice to this cruel world I share this Epic project with all of you :heart: So feel free to download it, use it and give feedback about this epic creation. :+1:


You already know Path from the library pathlib. Well, EpicPath is all like Path but in a EPIC way :tada: .

It is a pseudo subclass of Path but consider it as a subclass, it supports all the methods and options of the original library. It is also a os.PathLike object which allows you to use as you would want to:

with open(my_epic_path_object, 'w') as f:
    f.write('This is epic !!!')

Use it

Install it

pip install epic-path

Use it

from epicpath import EpicPath as EPath

path = EPath('f1', 'f2')        # EpicPath('f1/f2')
path2 = path / 'f3'             # EpicPath('f1/f2/f3')
path2 += '_0'                   # EpicPath('f1/f2/f3_0')

See the documentation

:warning: Warnings :warning:

Because Path is build-in Python libraries, some other library (like PIL or skopt) can have a specific behavior when the given filename is a str or a Path object. Unfortunately, they don't support an EpicPath object ... :cry: But no worries, it is still possible to give an EpicPath object as a Path object or a str object using the properties .path and .str:

path = EPath('f1', 'f2')        # EpicPath('f1/f2')

weird_function(path.path)       # Gives Path('f1/f2') to the function
weird_function(path.str)        # Gives the string 'f1/f2' to the function

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