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Converts EPR files to Markdown

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A simple python console script to let me convert epr files to Markdown.

Typical export-pull-requests file that I generate use the following CLI invocation:

epr hasii2011/gittodoistclone --milestone=5 --export=issues --token=myToken --state=closed > release-0.98.0.csv 

The various columns are in this format:


A CSV line like this:

hasii2011/PyUt,Issue,359,hasii2011,Fix warning in PyutLink.setType,closed,03/23/22 09:50:04,03/23/22 13:56:09,

Gets converted to a Markdown line like this:

* [359]( Fix warning in PyutLink.setType


The basic command structure is:

Usage: epr2md [OPTIONS]

  --version               Show the version and exit.
  -i, --input-file TEXT   The input .csv file to convert.  [required]
  -o, --output-file TEXT  The output .md file.
  --help                  Show this message and exit.

By default, epr2md assumes that the input file has a .csv suffix and the output file has a .md suffix.

However, epr2md is flexible and can deduce file names and suffixes. The best option is if you do not specify the output file. Then epr2md deduces that the output file is the same as the input file name with the .md suffix. For example:

epr2md -i release-6.5.4.csv

causes pyut2xml to write to a file named TestFileV10.xml

The command line:

epr2md -i release-6.5.4 -o release-6.5.4

reads from release-6.5.4.csv and writes to

Another simple example:

epr2md -i release-6.5.4

causes pyut2xml to reads from a file named TestFileV10.csv and write to a file named


pip install epr2md

Written by Humberto A. Sanchez II <>, (C) 2022


For all kind of problems, requests, enhancements, bug reports, etc., please drop me an e-mail.

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