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Minimalist screenshot capture and screen recording program inspired by scrot.

Project description

Linux screen capture and screen recording program inspired by scrot.


Because scrot has glitches when selection is used in refreshing windows


  • fullscreen screenshots

  • screen recording

  • partial(selection) screenshots

  • window screenshot(click to select)

  • screenshot by xid

  • store the image to the clipboard

usage: escrotum [-h] [-v] [-s] [-x XID] [-d DELAY]
                [--selection-delay SELECTION_DELAY] [-c] [-C] [-e COMMAND]

positional arguments:
  FILENAME              image filename, default is

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --version         output version information and exit
  -s, --select          interactively choose a window or rectangle with the
                        mouse, cancels with Esc or Right Click
  -x XID, --xid XID     take a screenshot of the xid window
  -d DELAY, --delay DELAY
                        wait DELAY seconds before taking a shot
  --selection-delay SELECTION_DELAY
                        delay in milliseconds between selection/screenshot
  -c, --countdown       show a countdown before taking the shot (requires
  -C, --clipboard       store the image on the clipboard
  -e COMMAND, --exec COMMAND
                        run the command after the image is taken
  -r, --record          screen recording. Alt+Ctrl+s to stop the recording

  Both the --exec and filename parameters can take format specifiers
  that are expanded by escrotum when encountered.

  There are two types of format specifier. Characters preceded by a '%'
  are interpreted by strftime(2). See man strftime for examples.
  These options may be used to refer to the current date and time.

  The second kind are internal to escrotum and are prefixed by '$'
  The following specifiers are recognised:
    $f image path/filename (ignored when used in the filename)
    $w image width
    $h image height
    escrotum '%Y-%m-%d-%H%M%S_$wx$h_escrotum.png'
    Creates a file called something like 2013-06-17-082335_263x738_escrotum.png

  1 can't get the window by xid
  2 invalid pixbuf
  3 can't save the image
  4 user canceled selection
  5 can't grab the mouse
  6 error with ffmpeg


  • on archlinux, install with your favorite aur manager, ie. yay -S escrotum-git

  • with pip, pip install escrotum

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