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Landsat raster file I/O

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ESPA Tools

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An open-source Python package for simple loading of Landsat imagery as NumPy arrays


espatools is available from PyPI:

$ pip install espatools


We think espatools is easy to use; give it a try and let us know what you think!

See this Jupyter Notebook for a demonstration of some simple plotting after reading Landsat imagery.

# Import the espatools module for raster I/O
import espatools
# Use matplotlib for simple plotting
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# Set the XML metadata file
xmlfile = 'LC081210652018073101RT-SC20180802013328/LC08_L1TP_121065_20180731_20180731_01_RT.xml'
# Set up the reader
reader = espatools.RasterSetReader(filename=xmlfile)
# Perfrom the read!
raster = reader.Read()

That's it! you just read in a set of Landsat imagery and each band is accessible by name as a 2D NumPy array:

# Get the bands dictionary
bands = raster.bands
# Grab a band by name
aer = bands.get('sr_aerosol')

# Plot this band up!

The above code results in an image like below:


# Maybe you want the RGB bands as a 3D NumPy array
color = raster.GetRGB()

# You could plot this up:


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