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EssentialDB - pure Python document database.

Project description

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EssentialDB is a pure Python document database developed to meet the following tenets:

  1. Databases shouldn’t slow down development - a developer should be able to integrate a database in less than a minute.

  2. Development databases should have a complete feature set and be performant enough for prototyping and project startups

  3. Development databases should provide a path to scale when your project takes off

Project On GitHub | Full Docs @ ReadTheDocs | Distribution On Pypi

Speeding Development

Our first tenet is that you should be able to start developing in less than a minute. Since EssentialDB is an ‘embedded’ database, there is no external services or dependencies to install or administrate. The tenet here is to take you from concept to development in less than a minute.

Installing is this simple:

pip install essentialdb

Using is this simple:

from essentialdb import EssentialDB

#create or open the database
db = EssentialDB(filepath="my.db")

#get the collection using 'adhoc' style (like pymongo)
authors = db.authors

#get the collection explicitly
authors = db.get_collection('authors', create=True)

#insert a document into the collection
authors.insert_one({'first': 'Langston', 'last': 'Hughes', 'born': 1902});

#find some entries
results = authors.find({'last':'Hughes'})

#commit the changes to disk

You can also use with semantics to assure that the database is closed and synced on exit:

with EssentialDB(filepath="my.db").authors as authors:

    data = [{'first': 'Langston', 'last': 'Hughes', 'born': 1902},
    {'first': 'Ezra', 'last': 'Pound', 'born': 1885}]


Documents are just Python dictionaries and EssentialDB provides an API to easily store and retrieve them.

Features & Performance

Our second tenet is that EssentialDB should have the performance and features you need to get your project rolling.

EssentialDB supports a very rich queries that follow the same basic form as MongoDB:

{ <field1>:  <operator1>: <value1> }, ... }

Most comparison operators are supported, including equals, not equals, less than, greater than:

author_db.find({"born" : {"$gt": 1900}})

You can even test against lists of items using $in and $nin:

author_db.find({"genre" : {"$in": ["tragedy", "drama"]}})

AND and OR boolean operators allow you to make arbitrarily complex queries:

#find authors born after 1900 and before 2000
author_db.find({'$and':[{'born': {'$gte': 1900}},{'born': {'$lt': 2000}}]})

#find authors with either the first or last name John
author_db.find({'$or':[{'first': {'$eg': 'John'}},{'last': {'$eq': 'John'}}]})

We’ve tested EssentialDB under some typical use cases, and seen that it is plenty performant for many use cases with small to moderate loads.

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