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Simple package to phone home by sending and receiving arbitrary dictionaries via UDP

Project description

# et
Sending and receiving arbitrary data via UDP

This package implements a lightweight, pure-Python client and server
pair that sends and receives simple Python structures via UDP. The original motivation is to
enable a package to send "phone home" messages.

The default encoding is zlib-compressed json. (pickle is not used out
of security concerns

# Example

make devready

In one shell, type:

$ python et/
INFO:__main__:Listening on localhost:2233

In another shell, type:

$ python ./et/
(There is no output from the client)

In the server window, you should see messages like:

INFO:__main__:Received 4 bytes from ('', 47750) in format 1

INFO:__main__:Received 12 bytes from ('', 59498) in format 2

INFO:__main__:Received 18 bytes from ('', 42396) in format 1
{'test': 'data'}
INFO:__main__:Received 26 bytes from ('', 42598) in format 2
{'test': 'data'}
INFO:__main__:Received 122 bytes from ('', 57842) in format 1
{'version': '1.2.3rc4', 'sys.version_info': [3, 5, 2, 'final', 0], 'sys.platform': 'linux', 'local_ip': ''}
INFO:__main__:Received 108 bytes from ('', 44319) in format 2
{'version': '1.2.3rc4', 'sys.version_info': [3, 5, 2, 'final', 0], 'sys.platform': 'linux', 'local_ip': ''}

Format 1 is json; format 2 is compressed json.

Project details

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