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Easy to use ETA calculation and progress bar library.

Project description

Draw progress bars with room for colors and display rates and ETAs in your console applications. ETA library is its own class so it may be used in other non-console applications. ETAs calculated with simple linear regression.

This library supports both defined and undefined progress bars. Undefined progress bars are those that do not have a “total size”. Similar to when wget downloads a file with an unknown file size. Due to this, undefined progress bars have no percent and no ETA. Defined progress bars are the usual progress bars with percentages and ETAs.

etaprogress is supported on Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, and 3.4.

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pip install etaprogress

Example Implementations

Example Scripts Screenshot

Source code for examples:,, and


If all you need is a progress bar with an ETA, you only have to import a class in the etaprogress.progress module. To get the progress bar itself just cast to string or print the instance.

Simple Usage

import time
from etaprogress.progress import ProgressBar
total = 5
bar = ProgressBar(total, max_width=40)
for i in range(total + 1):
    bar.numerator = i
    print bar
  0% (0/5) [               ] eta --:-- -
 20% (1/5) [###            ] eta 00:05 \
 40% (2/5) [######         ] eta 00:04 |
 60% (3/5) [#########      ] eta 00:03 /
 80% (4/5) [############   ] eta 00:02 -
100% (5/5) [###############] eta 00:00 \

Of course that’s not a very good progress bar animation. Here’s a better one with print_function:

from __future__ import print_function
import sys
import time
from etaprogress.progress import ProgressBar
total = 5
bar = ProgressBar(total, max_width=40)
for i in range(total + 1):
    bar.numerator = i
    print(bar, end='\r')
100% (5/5) [###############] eta 00:00 \

Terminal Colors Support

Colors are supported using colorclass. Take a look at on how to implement colorful progress bars. You may have to subclass one of the ProgressBar classes (or even BaseProgressBar) to add colors to every nook and cranny of a progress bar.

Class Attributes

There are five different progress bar classes with visual differences:

  • ProgressBar – a simple progress bar.

  • ProgressBarBits – similar to ProgressBar but converts numbers to bits, kilobits, etc.

  • ProgressBarBytes – similar to ProgressBar but converts numbers to bytes, kibibytes (kilobytes), etc.

  • ProgressBarWget – a progress bar that looks like the one in the GNU wget application.

  • ProgressBarYum – a progress bar that looks like the one in CentOS/RHEL 7 yum utility.




Limit number of characters shown (by default the full progress bar takes up the entire terminal width).


Calculate and cache the ETA string after this many numerator setting iteration. Default is every iter.


For undefined progress bars this indicates that the progress has completed.


‘ProgressBarYum’ only. The string to display before the progress bar. Limited to whatever space is available in the terminal.

Class Properties




Returns the denominator of the progress bars. The same value provided when instantiating.


Returns True if the progress has completed.


Read/write. Returns the numerator as an integer or sets a new numerator. When setting a numerator it must be equal to or greater than the previous one.


Returns the percent as a float.


Returns the rate of the progress as a float.


Return True if the progress bar is undefined.

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