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Etherium unit conversation and arithmetic library

Project description


Etherium unit conversation and arithmetic library


pip install -u etherunit


>>> from etherunit import Ether, Gwei, Wei, E

Create a new quantity with units

You can create a new quatity like this

>>> Ether(".05")
0.05 ether
>>> Gwei(".05")
0.05 gwei
>>> Wei("5")
5 wei

Or you can use the helper function E() to create a new quantity

>>> E(".05 eth")
0.05 ether
>>> E(".05 gwei")
0.05 gwei
>>> E("5 wei")
5 wei

Arithmetic operations

Different quatities can be added together without any problems

>>> E(".05 eth") + E("2 gwei") == E("0.050000002 eth")

This also applies for subtraction

>>> E(".05 eth") - E("2 gwei") == E("0.049999998 eth")

You can also multiply quanities with other integers

>>> E(".05 eth") * 2
0.1 ether

... but not with other quatities

>>> E(".05 eth") * E("2 gwei")  # type: ignore
AssertionError: 2 gwei is not an integer

You also can't multiply quatities with other integers, like floats. Why? Because it can result with fractional wei, which is not allowed

>>> E(".05 eth") * 1.5
AssertionError: 1.5 is not an integer

You can divide quatities with other integers, the result is always a quatity

>>> E(".05 eth") / 2
0.025 ether

And you can divide quatities with other quatities, the result is always an integer

>>> E("10 eth") / E("3 eth")

You can find the remainder of a division with mod operator (%)

>>> E("10 eth") % E("3 eth")
1 ether

You can also use divmod() to get both the quotient and the remainder

>>> divmod(E("10 eth"), E("3 eth"))
(3, 1 ether)


You can convert a quatity to another quatity, though it's not necessary for arithmetic operations

>>> E("10 eth").gwei
10000000000 gwei
>>> E("10 eth").wei
10000000000000000000 wei
>>> (E("10 eth") % E("3 eth")).wei
1000000000000000000 wei
>>> E("10 eth").wei.eth.eth.eth.eth.gwei.wei.wei.wei  # :D
10000000000000000000 wei

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