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Extract, Transform and Load library.

Project description


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ETLlib provides functionality for munging through and repackaging
JSON, TSV and other data for preparation and submission (ETL) to Apache Solr. The
library takes advantage of Apache Tika, and is callable from Apache OODT.

Using ETLlib

Installing the ETLlib package makes available four things on your

``repackage`` command
The ``repackage`` command takes an original paged JSON file, strips
off the paging information, isolates the identified object type (e.g., "teams"
or "journal_entries", etc.), and may perform some basic cleaning and metadata
addition using Apache Tika on the fields within the JSON document.
``poster`` command
The ``poster`` command lets post individual reformulated JSON documents
to Apache Solr.
``repackageandpost`` command
The repackageandpost command combines repackage, and poster, and
obviates the need to store the repackaged JSON doc as an intermediate file, and
then repackages (keeps docs in memory) and then posts directly to Apache Solr.
``tsvtojson`` command
Takes an input TSV file and parses it with a set of column headers and outputs a
JSON file.
``translatejson`` command
Takes an input JSON file and a column header file and cred file and translates from
source lang to dest lang using Bing's API and Apache Tika.
``imagesimilarity`` command
Computes the similarity between a directory full of image files using a feature-based
approach based on Jaccard's algorithm. Clusters scores. Uses Tika.

ETLlib Library
The ETLlib Library is a Python-based API for munging data and
doing ETL. The library was originally developed as a set of Python scripts
to be integrated into an Apache OODT ETL process through parsing/Apache Tika
cleanup and then on to Apache Solr for analytics.

This document describes how to use the above three items, with special
attention to the ETLlib library.


After installing the ETLlib package, new commands are made available on
your system, ``repackage`` and ``poster`` and ``repackageandpost`` and
``tsvtojson`` and ``translatejson`` and ``imagesimiliarity``..
These commands enable you to reformulate
aggregate JSON documents, cleanse their fields (which may contain UTF-8 or other
weird encodings), convert from different formats (e.g., TSV to JSON), translate
fields within the documents using Apache Tika, and then to post those documents to Apache Solr.
These were developed initially independently as python scripts that are wrapped using
Apache OODT ETL workflows, but later Chris Mattmann <>
decided they would be useful as a installable python library.

To use these commands from your interactive prompt, you just need to make sure
your shell's PATH environment variable includes the directory where the
commands are installed. On most systems, these two commands are installed in::


However, on Mac OS X, the installation location may be::


And on Windows, it may be::

c:\Program Files\Python

Note also that some interactive shells create a cache of commands in order to
execute your requests more quickly. You may need to force your shell to
re-build that cache. The csh and tcsh shells are two such examples; you can
make these shells rebuild their caches by running the ``rehash`` command.

Use from Shell Scripts

The ``repackage`` and ``poster`` and ``repackageandpost`` and ``tsvtojson`` and
``translatejson`` and ``imagesimilarity`` commands may be used
from shell scripts as well. The only
requirement for making these commands available to shell scripts is the same as
for interactive sessions: the shell's PATH environment variable must include the
directory that contains the commands.

Here is a sample shell script that repackages a Teams JSON file of 20 aggregate
records, and outputs 20 individual Teams JSON files ::


for ag in $(ls /data/xdata/Kiva/raw/RAW__json_teams_9Feb2013); do
repackage -j $ag -o teams

The above shell script assumes that ``repackage`` will be found in
``/usr/local/bin``, ``/usr/bin``, or ``/bin``. It then loops through
the aggregate teams JSON files from the Kiva raw dataset and then hands
each aggregate JSON file to the repackage script, which unravels those
1234 teams JSON data files into 1234 * 20 = 24680 individual team JSON files.

The rest of the commands may also be used from a shell script.

Some example working commands are:

Pipe a single JSON journal entries file into the repackageandpost script::

echo "/data/xdata/Kiva/raw/RAW__json_journalEntries_04Mar2013/365/191677_journalentries_pg1_retreived-2013_03_04_21_56.json" \
| repackageandpost -u "http://localhost:8080/solr/journalentries/update/json?commit=true" -o journal_entries -v

Take in an input TSV file named computrabajo-ve-20121108.tsv and turn it into a JSON file with a root object named employmentjobs using the provided colheaders.txt file::

tsvtojson -t data/staging/computrabajo-ve-20121108.tsv -j data/jobs/tsvtojson/1/output/computrabajo-ve-20121108.json -c conf/colheaders.txt -o employmentjobs

Extract out the ~9000 or so jobs present in computrabajo-ve-20121108.json under the "employmentjobs" key:

repackage -j ../../../../../data/jobs/tsvtojson/1/output/computrabajo-ve-20121108.json -o employmentjobs

Translate the fields defined in translate.cols in the JSON file named 648c3a4a-22d1-4a43-b0da-9c8e45716e40.json from spanish ("es") to english ("en") and output the translated JSON named 648c3a4a-22d1-4a43-b0da-9c8e45716e40-t.json, using Bing and Apache Tika and the provided credentials::

translatejson -i data/jobs/repackager/1/output/648c3a4a-22d1-4a43-b0da-9c8e45716e40.json -j data/jobs/translate/1/output/648c3a4a-22d1-4a43-b0da-9c8e45716e40-t.json -c src/tika-python/lib/translate.cols -p src/tika-python/lib/translator.creds -f es -t en -v

Compute the similarity of images in your $HOME/Pictures directory on Mac:

cd $HOME/Pictures && imagesimilarity -m -f . > similarity-scores.txt

ETLlib Library

The ETLlib Library is a Python-based application programming interface (API) for
munging and processing JSON data for ETL and analytics. In fact, the commands
``poster`` and ``repackage`` and ``repackageandpost`` and ``tsvtojson`` and ``translatejson``
and ``imagesimilarity`` are implemented using the ETLlib Library. If
shell-script programming is not to your taste, and you
know Python, then using the ETLlib Library may be right for you.


0.0.2 - Refactor to use new Python-Tika lib

Current Development.

0.0.1 - Updated to include ClusterScores and Image Similarity

Includes tools to handle image similarity.

0.0.0 - Initial

This is an initial release of etllib supporting capability for
reformulating JSON data using Tika_ and JSON read/write in prep
for ETL using OODT_ into Solr_.

.. References:
.. _OODT:
.. _Tika:
.. _Solr:

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