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Enthought Tool Suite Demo Application

Project description

This package provides a GUI application for browsing and executing Python scripts, with the intention to demonstrate how Enthought Tool Suite packages can be used.

The actual demonstration materials are not provided by this package.

How to run

After installing etsdemo, the application can be launched from the command line prompt:

$ etsdemo

It can also be launched programmatically. For example, from Python prompt:

>>> from etsdemo.main import main
>>> main()

How to contribute data via entry points

Any Python package can contribute data to be viewed from the application. To do so, define a function in the package that returns information about the data files. For example:

def info(request):
    # request is currently a placeholder, not used.
    return {
        "version": 1,
        # Name to be displayed in the node wrapping the data files.
        "name": "Project X Examples",
        # Path to a directory where data files can be found.
        "root": pkg_resources.resource_filename("my_project", "data"),

Then add an entry point in that points to the newly created function. For example:

from setuptools import setup

        "etsdemo_data": ["demo ="],

Launch with specific data sources

Instead of launching the application with data collected from packages installed in the Python environment, the demo application can be launched with specific data sources:

from etsdemo.main import main
            "version": 1,
            "name": "Project X Examples",
            "root": pkg_resources.resource_filename("my_project", "data"),
            "version": 1,
            "name": "Project X Demo",
            "root": pkg_resources.resource_filename("my_project", "demo"),

Notice that the nested dictionaries follow the same schema specification described above.


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