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Python Library to Build Web Robots

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Python Web Robot Builder

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Forked from ettoreleandrotognoli/etto-robot

The main idea of py-robot is to simplify the code, and improve the performance of web crawlers.


pip install git+


Bellow we have a simple example of crawler that needs to get a page, and for each specific item get another page. Because it was written without the use of async requests, it will make a request and make the another one only when the previous has finished.

# examples/

import requests
import json

from lxml import html
from pyquery.pyquery import PyQuery as pq

page = requests.get('')
dom = pq(html.fromstring(page.content.decode()))

result = []
for link in dom.find('.theiaStickySidebar ul li'):
    news = {
        'category': pq(link).find('span').text(),
        'url': pq(link).find('a[href]').attr('href'),
    news_page = requests.get(news['url'])
    dom = pq(news_page.content.decode())
    news['body'] = dom.find('p').text()
    news['title'] = dom.find('').text()

print(json.dumps(result, indent=4))

We can rewrite that using py-robot, and it will look like that:

# examples/

import json
from robot import Robot
from robot.collector.shortcut import *
import logging


collector = pipe(
    css('.theiaStickySidebar ul li'),
            css('a[href]'), attr('href'), any(),
                body=pipe(css('p'), as_text()),
                title=pipe(css(''), as_text()),
        category=pipe(css('span'), as_text()),
        url=pipe(css('a[href]'), attr('href'), any(), url())

with Robot() as robot:
    result = robot.sync_run(collector)
print(json.dumps(result, indent=4))

Now all the requests will be async, so it will start all the requests for each item at the same time, and it will improve the performance of the crawler.

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