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Evmos grpc messages.

Project description

Evmos GRPC

Evmos' grpc messages. WIP: Only the message send was implemented because is the one used for the faucet.


  • Python3.9+
  • Evmos grpc endpoint available
  • Wallet seed (only supports the evmos default algorithm: ethsecp256k1)


pip install evmosgrpc


The configuration can be set using env vars:

  • GRPC_ENDPOINT: Default = ''
  • MEMO: Default = 'Sent from Hanchon's faucet'
  • FEE: Default = '20'
  • GAS_LIMIT: Default = '200000'
  • CHAIN_ID: Default = 'evmos_9000-1'
  • DENOM: Default = 'aphoton'


from evmosgrpc.messages.msgsend import create_msg_send
from evmosgrpc.builder import TransactionBuilder
from evmosgrpc.transaction import Transaction

seed = 'garment seat help gallery ride divide truth smooth end chunk '\
       'ten cross badge want vehicle mirror dismiss remind crouch '\
       'base crouch palm leader dinner'
builder = TransactionBuilder(seed)
msg = create_msg_send(
res = builder.send_tx(Transaction().generate_tx(builder, msg))
# res =
# tx_response {
#   txhash: "F4DFCF8E0BAEBBE088DF0C8A4DA1EF70CD29983C5F7663A523A87F1CE479BFF5"
#   raw_log: "[]"
# }

# To read the response as a dict:
from google.protobuf.json_format import MessageToDict
res_obj = MessageToDict(res)


  • Add tests.
  • Add more messages.
  • Add secp256k1 wallet support on evmoswallet.

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