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Evolve Agent to connect your systems to the Evolve Security Automation and Orchestration Platform.

Project description

# Evolve Agent

Evolve Agent is a daemon to connect your systems to the Evolve Security Automation and Orchestration Platform.

## Content

1. System Requirements
2. Installation
3. Upgrade
4. Uninstall
5. File Locations
6. Evole Agent CLI

## 1. System Requirements

+ Hardware
- Memory: Mininum 50 MB
- Disk: Minimum 50 MB
+ Software
- Operating System: Linux
- Python: Python 2.7 series, version 2.7.12 and above
- Init subsystem: systemd, upstart and systemv

## 2. Installation

### Package Installation

Install the evolve-agent using the following command, on Linux:

sudo pip install evolve-agent

### Agent Configuration

Configure the evolve-agent using either of the following commands. To do the configuration interactively:

sudo evolve-agent --configure --interactive

Then, provide the Agent with your configuration details.

Enter Agent Polling Unit (minutes, hours, days, weeks): minutes
Enter Agent Polling Frequency: 1
Enter Agent ID: <agent-id>
Enter Agent Key: <agent-key>
Enter Proxy Server: <proxy-host>:<proxy-port>
Proxy Username: <proxy-user>
Proxy Password: <proxy-password>

Alternatively, all parameters can be passed on the command-line:

sudo evolve-agent --configure \
--region <region> \
--agent-id <agent-id> \
--agent-key <agent-key> \
--polling-frequency 1 \
--polling-unit minutes

### Service Installation

sudo evolve-agent --install

#### Service Usage

For systemd:

sudo systemctl start|stop|restart|status evolve-agent

For upstart:

sudo start|stop|restart|status evolve-agent

For systemv (sysvinit):

sudo /etc/init.d/evolve-agent start|stop|restart|status

## 3. Upgrade

### Package Upgrading

sudo pip install --upgrade evolve-agent

### Service Restart

For systemd:

sudo systemctl restart evolve-agent

For upstart:

sudo restart evolve-agent

For systemv (sysvinit):

sudo /etc/init.d/evolve-agent restart

## 4. Uninstall

### Service Uninstalling

sudo evolve-agent --uninstall

### Package Uninstalling

sudo pip uninstall evolve-agent

## 5. File Locations

### Program/Executable

The evolve-agent program can be found in `/usr/local/bin/evolve-agent` or `/usr/bin/evolve-agent`.

### Source Package

The source package can be found in the platform's shared dist-packages directory, commonly in: `/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/evolveagent`

### Configuration

The configuration command will generate the config in: `/etc/evolve-agent/config.json`

### Log

The log file can be found at: `/var/log/evolve-agent.log`

## 6. Evole Agent CLI

The Evolve Agent CLI can provide help from the command line.

evolve-agent --help

Example output from the evolve-agent help:

usage: evolve-agent [-h] [-d] [-p PIDFILE] [--install] [--uninstall]
[--configure] [--interactive] [--agent-id AGENT_ID]
[--region AGENT Region]
[--agent-key AGENT_KEY]
[--polling-frequency POLLING_FREQUENCY]
[--polling-unit {minutes,hours,days,weeks}]
[--proxy-server PROXY_SERVER]
[--proxy-username PROXY_USERNAME]
[--proxy-password PROXY_PASSWORD]

Intelligence Web Services Endpoint Agent

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-d, --daemon Start Evolve Agent as Daemon
-p PIDFILE, --pidfile PIDFILE
Path of pidfile for Evolve Agent Daemon (require
--install Install Evolve Agent service
--uninstall Install Evolve Agent service
--configure Configure Evolve Agent
--interactive Configure Evolve Agent interactively (require
--region {US,AU,UK} Agent Region (require --configure)
--agent-id AGENT_ID Agent ID (require --configure)
--agent-key AGENT_KEY
Agent Key (require --configure)
--polling-frequency POLLING_FREQUENCY
Configure polling frequency [Default: 5] (require
--polling-unit {minutes,hours,days,weeks}
Polling unit [Default: minutes] (require --configure)
--proxy-server PROXY_SERVER
Proxy server (require --configure)
--proxy-username PROXY_USERNAME
Proxy username (require --configure)
--proxy-password PROXY_PASSWORD
Proxy password (require --configure)

Project details

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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