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An example of a package developed with pyenv, built with build using setuptools, uploaded to PyPI using twine, and distributed via pip.

Project description

Python Package Exercise - Team 12

Python build


This package is a guessing game, where a user can use functions to find hints and guess for an animal or object.
A user can import their own guessing object and make a game for others.

An example implementation can be found here in the src folder. This example makes use of the package methods in addition to some additional code to implement an example game.

You can run the example using python src/ after installing the package.

You can also import your own animal object by adding a file path to a JSON as an argument e.g python src/ ./example.json.

First install the package into your environment:

pip3 install -i

then put in the header:

from examplepackageTeam12p3 import guess_game

and begin using the functions in your program.

For the examples in functions this alias will be used:

from examplepackageTeam12p3 import guess_game as game



Takes as input a json file as string that contains details about interactions and rules so that a user can create their own game.

Use game.import_file(your_file) to import your_file as the animal class

interact(action:str, animal:Animal)

Accepts an action as a string and an Animal object. Prints the result of performing the action and lowers the turn count as defined in the Animal object.

You can use game.interact(your_guess, game.Animal()) to make guesses using the default animal object

letter_match(letter, animal:Animal)

Takes a letter and animal object as input and returns an array of indices indexed starting at 1 of where the input letter can be found in the input animal.

Use game.letter_match(your_letter, game.Animal()) to guess letters using the default animal object

handle_letter_match(animal:Animal, guesses:list)

Takes an animal object and a list which stores letter guesses already made as input and prompts the user for a letter guess input with input validation. Calls letter_match(input, animal) to check if input letter is in supplied animal's name, reduce turn count, and receive array of letter match indices to print. The guessed letter is appended to the guesses list when done. Returns True when correct input provided or False when incorrect input provided.

Use game.handle_letter_match(game.Animal(), []) to make a guess with input validation. This method is intended to be used in a loop

guess(guess_name, animal:Animal)

Accepts a guess string and an animal object to check the guess value against. Returns True if the names match or False if they do not.

Use game.guess(your_guess, game.Animal()) to guess the name of the default animal object


Function that takes user input, strips input of white space, and converts input to lowercase before passing input to guess(input, animal). Returns what is returned from guess().

Use game.handle_guess(game.Animal()) to make a guess of the name of the default animal object using an input prompt


This function takes an iterable and produces an output string that includes each item in the iterable converted to string and prepended with a newline and tab.

Use game.stringify(your_iterable) to convert your iterable to a formatted string


Setup the virtual environment

  1. Install pipenv with python3 -m pip install --user pipenv
  2. Create the virtual environment and install this package pip install -i
  3. Activate the environment with pipenv shell
  4. Exit the virtual environment with exit

Build the package with python -m build

Test with pytest

  1. Install pytest into your vitural environment with pipenv install pytest
  2. Run python3 -m pytest from the main directory

Team Members

Yvonne Wu (Yiyi Wu) :

Leah Durrett :

Alexander Chen :

John Kolibachuk :


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