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exgurd provides a decorator to guard a function or method against exceptions. This is useful in situations where untrusted code is executed, e.g. when executing a third-party module in a framework.

In comparison to the suppress context manager from Python 3, exguard provides more means to control exception handling:

  • filter on modules and namespaces to define which exceptions to catch and leave exceptions in other code untouched

  • execute a callback function once an exception was caught

  • execute a callback function in the finally block

For example, an API method in a web application that calls through to code in third-party modules can be guarded against exceptions in this modules only, while having exceptions in the framework itself be raised verbatim:

from exguard import guard, traceback_str

def throw_to_client(exception, module):
    tb = traceback_str(exception)

    # Do something to pass a traceback to the browser, disable the plugin,…

# All third-party modules are under one namespace
@guard(modules=["myframework.plugins"], submodules=True, fullstack=True, cb_except=throw_to_client)
def call_plugin_api():
    # An exception inside this will be caught

    # This will still raise an exception like normal
    x = 17 / 0


exguard has been started as a part of Veripeditus, mainly by Eike Tim Jesinghaus <>.



  • Guard against <string> or other non-module frames.


  • Add utility function to get full traceback as string.

  • Re-licence under MIT.

  • Minor documentation updates.


  • First release.

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