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Command line interface for Exosite platform.

Project description

Exoline: Command Line for Exosite

Exoline is a set of commands for accessing the Exosite [One Platform]( from the command line.

- **exo** - command for the [RPC API](

- **exodata** - command for the [HTTP Data Interface API](


To install the latest released version of exoline:


$ pip install --upgrade exoline


Alternatively, install straight from github:


$ pip install -e git://


Environment Variables

For convenience, several command line options may be replaced by environment variables.

* EXO\_HOST: host, e.g. This supplies --host to exo and --url for exodata.


For help, run each command with -h from the command line. For example:


exo --help
Exosite RPC API Command Line Interface
Provides command line access to the Remote Procedure Call API:

exo [options] read [--follow] [--limit=<limit>] [--selection=all|autowindow|givenwindow] <cik> <rid>
exo [options] write <cik> <rid> --value=<value>
exo [options] record <cik> <rid> ((--value=<timestamp,value> ...) | -)
exo [options] create <cik> (--type=client|clone|dataport|datarule|dispatch) -
exo [options] create-dataport <cik> (--format=binary|boolean|float|integer|string) [--name=<name>]
exo [options] create-client <cik> [--name=<name>]
exo [options] map <cik> <rid> <alias>
exo [options] unmap <cik> <alias>
exo [options] lookup <cik> <alias>
exo [options] drop <cik> <rid> ...
exo [options] listing [--plain] <cik> (--type=client|dataport|datarule|dispatch) ...
exo [options] info <cik> <rid> [--cikonly]
exo [options] flush <cik> <rid>
exo [options] tree <cik> [--verbose]
exo [options] lookup-rid <cik> <cik-to-find>
exo [options] drop-all-children <cik>
exo [options] record-backdate <cik> <rid> --interval=<seconds> ((--value=<value> ...) | -)
exo [options] upload <cik> <script-file> [--name=<name>]

--host=<host> OneP URL. Default is $EXO_HOST or
--httptimeout=<sec> HTTP timeout setting.
--pretty Pretty print output
-h --help Show this screen.
-v --version Show version.



Exosite Data API Command Line Interface
Provides access to the HTTP Data Interface API:

exodata read [options] <cik> <alias> ...
exodata write [options] <cik> <alias>=<value> ...
exodata ip [options]

-h --help Show this screen
-v --version Show version
--url=<url> One Platform URL [default:]



To run the tests, install the packages in test/requirements.txt, and then type:


$ cd test
$ nosetests --verbose



Here are some examples of common tasks with Exoline.

* Upload a Lua script


$ exo upload e469e336ff9c8ed9176bc05ed7fa40d????????? translate_gps.lua
Updated script RID: 6c130838e14903f7e12d39b5e76c8e3?????????


* Monitor output of a script


$ exo read e469e336ff9c8ed9176bc05ed7fa40d????????? translate_gps.lua --follow
2013-07-09 11:57:45,line 2: Running translate_gps.lua...
2013-07-09 12:00:17,"line 12: New 4458.755987,N,09317.538945,W
line 23: Writing 4458.755987_-09317.538945"
““2013-07-09 12:15:41,"line 12: New 4458.755987,N,09317.538945,W
line 23: Writing 4458.755987_-09317.538945"


* Write raw data


$ exo write e469e336ff9c8ed9176bc05ed7fa40d????????? gps-raw --value=4458.755987,N,09317.538945,W



- Add support for update command
- Add --watch flag to script upload
- Add command-level help (e.g. exo help tree)
- Support binary datasource format
- Add code coverage to tests


0.0.17 (2013-7-09)

- Handle keyboard interrupt gracefully for read --follow
- Added example usage in
- Fixed read --follow when dataport has no data

0.0.16 (2013-7-08)

- Support passing alias for <rid>
- Make read return latest value by default

0.0.15 (2013-7-08)

- script upload

0.0.14 (2013-7-07)

- tests for create, read, write

0.0.13 (2013-7-03)

- record, unmap, lookup commands, better/stronger/faster tree

0.0.12 (2013-6-27)

- Show OnePlatform library exceptions nicely

0.0.11 (2013-6-27)

- Changed defaults for tree

0.0.10 (2013-6-27)

- flush command

0.0.9 (2013-6-26)

- Added format to tree output

0.0.8 (2013-6-26)

- Added units to tree output, support writing negative numeric values

0.0.7 (2013-6-23)

- Time series data write and read commands, with --follow option

0.0.6 (2013-6-23)

- RID lookup and bulk drop commands

0.0.5 (2013-6-21)

- Install two command line scripts: exo, exodata

0.0.4 (2013-6-18)

- Complete Exosite Data API
- Subset of Exosite RPC API

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