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ExtendParser extend stanrad ConfigParser for some functionality.

Project description

Extend parser is set of ConfigParser extensions. Get and Include extensions are added to one class ExtendParser. For more details see source code, or use help.


2018, see AUTHORS for more details


BSD, see LICENSE for more details



>>> from extendparser import ExtendParser
>>> cp = ExtendParser()


Include class can append content from other configuration files. Let’s have these configuration files:

# test.ini
string = value
.include numbers.ini
# numbers.ini
integer = 42
.include const.ini
# const.ini
pi = 3.14

Here is the string buffer which ConfiguratinParser will read:

# test.ini
string = value
# numbers.ini
integer = 42
# const.ini
pi = 3.14


Get class has two smart methods get_option and get_section to get value(s) in any type you want.

>>> from extendparser.get import Get
>>> cp = Get()
>>> print(cp.get_option("test", "number", target=int, fallback=1))
>>> print(cp.get_option("test", "list", target=list, fallback=["a"],
...                      delimiter=','))
>>> cp.add_section("test")
>>> cp.set("test", "tuple", "a:b:c")
>>> print(cp.get_option("test", "tuple", target=tuple, delimiter=':'))
('a', 'b', 'c')
>>> print(cp.get_section("test", (("tuple", tuple, tuple(), ':'),
...                               ("string", str, "value"))))
{'tuple': ('a', 'b', 'c'), 'string': 'value'}


Environ module has two classes, which extend ConfigParser to read environment variables. There is EnvironFirst class, which read environment variables first, and then use original get method.

>>> from os import environ
>>> from configparser import ConfigParser
>>> from extendparser.environ import EnvironFirst
>>> cp = EnvironFirst()
>>> cp.add_section("test")
>>> cp.getint("test", "number", fallback=1)
>>> cp.set("test", "number", "7")
>>> cp.getint("test", "number")
>>> environ["TEST_NUMBER"] = "42"
>>> cp.getint("test", "number")

Next EnvironLast class use environment variable as fallback for original get method.

>>> from os import environ
>>> from configparser import ConfigParser
>>> from extendparser.environ import EnvironLast
>>> cp = EnvironLast()
>>> cp.add_section("test")
>>> cp.getfloat("test", "float", fallback=1.0)
>>> environ["TEST_FLOAT"] = "42"
>>> cp.getfloat("test", "float", fallback=1)
>>> cp.set("test", "float", "3.14")
>>> cp.getfloat("test", "float")


~$ pip install extendparser

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