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WEB plugin for extensiveautomation server

Project description

WEB plugin for ExtensiveAutomation server

This plugin enable to interact with remote web server through the HTTP protocol. This plugin is based on the curl command.

Table of contents

Installing from pypi

  1. Run the following command

     pip install extensiveautomation_plugin_web
  2. Execute the following command to take in account this new plugin

     ./extensiveautomation --reload
  3. Samples are deployed on data storage

Installing from source

  1. Clone the following repository

     git clone
     cd extensiveautomation-plugin-web/src/ea/
  2. Copy the folder sutadapters in the source code server and overwrite-it

     cp -rf sutadapters/ /<install_path_project>/src/ea/
  3. Copy the folder var in the source code server and overwrite-it

     cp -rf var/ /<install_path_project>/src/ea/
  4. Finally execute the following command to install depandencies

     cd /<install_path_project>/src/
     python3 --install-adapter WEB
     python3 --reload

About actions


Send http requests and analysing responses.


  • agent (text): agent name

  • curl-body (text): http request body

  • curl-headers (text): additional headers for the request

  • curl-hosts (text): remote address

  • curl-proxy (text): proxy url

  • curl-method (text): http method

  • curl-options (text): additional options for curl

  • response-body-json (dict): expected json in http response with jsonpath expression

  • response-body-text (text): expected string in http response

  • response-body-xml (text): expected xml in http response with xpath expression

  • response-body-xmlns (text): namespaces

  • response-code (integer): reponse code expected

  • response-headers (text): list of expected headers in response

  • response-phrase (text): response phrase expected

  • response-version (text): http version expected in response

About workflows


This worflow show how to use the curl action and how to extract value from json response.

  1. Reuse curl action
- description: Get my origin IP
  file: Common:actions/http/curl.yml
  1. Configure parameters
- name: curl-hosts
- name: response-body-json
 value: |
    origin -> [!CAPTURE:externalip:]


This worflow show how to use the curl action and POST json data.

- name: curl-hosts
- name: curl-method
 value: POST
- name: curl-headers
 value: |
    Content-Type: application/json
- name: curl-body
  title: un exemple en français
  body: bonjour
  userId: 1

Project details

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extensiveautomation_plugin_web-1.2.0.tar.gz (14.6 kB view hashes)

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