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Command line utility to search for TV and movie torrents and stream using Peerflix automatically.

Project description


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Command line utility that enables users to search for TV and movie torrents and stream using Peerflix automatically.


- Extracts Torrent data from multiple APIs.
- Provides advanced search functionality. Filter by sort type (download count, seeds, likes), genres, minimum rating.
- Includes subtitle support where subtitles can be downloaded automatically for the chosen TV show or movie.


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ezflix is available on the Python Package Index (PyPI) at

You can install ezflix using pip.


$ pip install ezflix

This program requires Peerflix. You can install Peerflix via `npm <>`_.


$ npm install -g peerflix

Before any new changes are pushed to PyPi, you can clone the development version to avail of any new features.

.. code:: bash

$ git clone
$ cd ezflix
$ virtualenv env
$ source env/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python install

Supported Media Players

Below is a list of media players supported in Peerflix.

- mpv
- airplay
- vlc
- mplayer
- smplayer
- mpchc
- potplayer
- webplay
- omx

In ezflix, the default player is mpv. It will fallback to vlc if mpv isn't found.

You can use the media_player argument to set your media player.

CLI Usage


usage: ezflix [-h] [--limit [LIMIT]] [--minimum_rating [MINIMUM_RATING]]
[--media_player [{mpv,vlc,mplayer,smplayer,mpchc,potplayer,webplay,omx,airplay}]]
[--latest] [--subtitles]
[--sort_by [{download_count,like_count,date_added,seeds,peers,rating,title,year}]]
[--sort_order [{asc,desc}]] [--quality [{720p,1080p,3d}]]
[--genre GENRE] [--remove] [--language LANGUAGE]
[{movie,tv}] query

positional arguments:
{movie,tv} The media type.
query The search query.

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--limit [LIMIT] The number of results to return.
--minimum_rating [MINIMUM_RATING]
Used to filter movie by a given minimum IMDb rating
--media_player [{mpv,vlc,mplayer,smplayer,mpchc,potplayer,webplay,omx,airplay}]
The media player.
--latest Play the latest TV episode.
--subtitles Load subtitles file.
--sort_by [{download_count,like_count,date_added,seeds,peers,rating,title,year}]
Use this argument to sort the torrents.
--sort_order [{asc,desc}]
Use this argument to set the sort order.
--quality [{720p,1080p,3d}]
Use this argument to set the min quality.
--genre GENRE Used to filter by a given genre (See for full list)
--remove Remove files on exit.
--language LANGUAGE Language as IETF code. Set this argument to download
subtitles in a given language.


.. code:: bash

$ ezflix "The Man in the High Castle"

Pass '--latest' to watch the latest episode of a given TV series.

.. code:: bash

$ ezflix "South Park" --latest

To search for movies, pass the 'movie' argument.

.. code:: bash

$ ezflix movie "Mad Max"

Search for movies released in 2017 and order by like count descending.

.. code:: bash

$ ezflix movie '2017' --sort_by=like_count --sort_order=desc

Search for thrillers released in 2017 and order by download count descending.

.. code:: bash

$ ezflix movie '2017' --sort_by=download_count --sort_order=desc --genre=thriller

Automatically download German subtitles for your chosen TV show or movie.

.. code:: bash

$ ezflix movie 'Goodfellas' --subtitles --language=de

Pass the quality argument to only list torrents of a given quality.

.. code:: bash

$ ezflix movie 'They Live' --quality=720p


The Python unittest module contains its own test discovery function, which you can run from the command line:


$ python -m unittest discover tests/

Programmatic Usage

You can use Ezflix programmatically in your own applications. Consider the following example:

.. code:: python

from ezflix import Ezflix, peerflix

ezflix = Ezflix(query="Goodfellas", media_type='movie')

torrents = ezflix.get_torrents()

if len(torrents) > 0:
for torrent in torrents:

first = torrents[0]
file_path = ezflix.find_subtitles(first['title'])
peerflix(magnet_link=first['magnet'], media_type='movie', media_player='mpv', subtitles=True, remove=True, file_path=file_path)


Pull Requests and Feedback on how to improve this project is always welcome!

PR Guidelines

- Fork the project and clone locally.
- Create a new branch for what you're going to work on.
- Push to your origin repository.
- Create a new pull request in GitHub.

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