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Generate Beautiful Maps

Project description

EZ Maps

Generate Beautiful Maps 🗺



  • Make sure you have Python installed (Python 3.2+)
  • You can install using the command pip3 install ezmaps


  • This is a CLI app so you can run it using ezmaps in your command line

  • ezmaps takes a few arguments

      	* -c , --config  Path to your config file
      	* -s , --save    If you save the state of this run
      	* -l , --load	 Load an old state (pickle file) to avoid makes calls to the API
  • The config file is in the json format and has the following information

		"place": "Sydney"
		"background": [0,0,0],
	"markers": [{
		"locations": ["police"],
		"icon": "police.png",
		"size": 30
key type description
[details],[place] string The name of the place you want to generate the map for
[details][level] integer Administrative level for the place you can find the level for your place here
[details][background] list or integer RGB value of the color you want or -1-Transparent
[details][color] list RGB values for the color you want the map to be drawn in
[details][size] list or integer width and height of the output image (The actual image will be resized to this value). If just an integer is provided it returns the natural scale of the map with the integer as the max height or width value allowed
[details][detail] list How many level of roads do you want in your image higher the number the lower the level of roads fetched
[markers] list A list of markers you want marked on your image
[markers][locations] list or string A list of longitude or latitude for custom markers or a string specifying a type of important location
[markers][icon] string Path to the icon you want the mark the marker with will search in folder icon in the location where the config file is located
[markers][size] integer Size of the icon in the final image in pixles


All json files for the examples can be found in tests folder


Marking all cafes in Sydney sydney


Custom Marking Los Angeles and San Francisco in California





Marking all hospitals in Shibuya



  • All this data is obtained from Overpass which is rate-limited so to avoid getting stuck in the rate-limit try saving and loading states as much as possible
  • If you find any bug or error please create an Issue on this repository


All Contributions welcome Please submit all pull requests the against master branch.





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