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A wrapper for PyInstaller that simplifies its usage.

Project description


A wrapper for PyInstaller that simplifies its usage.

Copyright (c) 2019 S. Zeid. Some rights reserved under the X11 License.

Note: If all you want to do is bundle a single script without writing a spec file, PyInstaller is now able to do this out-of-the-box. However, ezpyi will hide the spec file from you altogether, output a single file by default, and not output to a dist subdirectory by default. It also supports making AppImages and contains some other convenience options.


Run pip3 install ezpyi.

Alternatively, clone the repository (or download a release tarball) and run python3 install from within the root directory (with root privileges).


Usage: ezpyi [options] script [exefile]

Without any options, ezpyi will bundle script and its Python dependencies as an executable file called exefile.

-D or --onedir will bundle the script as a directory called exefile. Unlike stock PyInstaller, the executable file within that directory will always be called AppRun.

-A or --appimage will bundle the script as an AppImage. This requires appimagetool to be on your $PATH. (AppImage desktop integration and AppStream are not supported by ezpyi. If you need these features, use -D, modify the output directory, and manually build the AppImage.)

To pass arguments to pyi-makespec, use -M or --makespec-args. All remaining arguments will be passed to pyi-makespec. If there are no remaining arguments, then pyi-makespec's help text will be printed.

For other options, run ezpyi -h.

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