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Automated typing in the Vi editor.

Project description


ezvi is a python package that allows typing automation for the Vi editor.


ezvi is distributed as a Pip package. To install the program, simply run

pip install ezvi


The package can be used via the CLI. ezvi functions can also be imported and used in a Python program.


There are two different ways of using ezvi via the command line.

The text command

text can be used to type a pre-written file. It takes one argument (infile and one option (--writefile).

  • infile is the path towards the pre-written file.
  • --writefile tells the program to save the file again after typing it. --writefile takes one argument that corresponds to the path where the typed file will be written.
ezvi text -w ./foo.txt example/message.txt

This takes the message.txt example from the example directory and types it again. The Vi buffer is then written to ./foo.txt.

The yaml command

yaml should be used to take a configuration as instructions to type a new file. The yaml command only takes one argument (config). Everything else should be specified in the config file.

  • config is the path towards the configuration file.
ezvi yaml example/config.yaml

This command would take the config.yaml file from the example directory and use it to type a new file.

Writing a config file

A configuration file is just a yaml file that will be parsed using PyYAML. The structure of the file should be similar to the one in the config.yaml file from the example directory.

- write_line: "Hello!"
- new_line: 2
- write_chars: "-- Good Bot."
- write_file: "message.txt"
- quit_editor:

A - must precede every action.


For more in depth documentation, please refer to the Read the Docs


This package is in alpha. Not much testing has been done and many things could still change. To see the latest commit, go check the latest branch.

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