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Iterator class for functional-esque, postfix-chaining programming.


  • A single wrapper class exposing chain-able methods for lazily transforming iterators
  • Wraps functions from functools, itertools, and some extras
  • Optionally has a length, which is calculated for subsequent operations if possible

Note that this package is for convenience/ interface comfort purposes and does not provide the guarantees of a true functional language. There may be a significant performance overhead to using deeply nested FIt instances in tight loops.


from f_it import FIt

it = FIt(range(10))
transformed =  # cube elements
    lambda x: x**3
).filter(  # drop even elements
    lambda x: x % 2
).cycle(  # repeat the whole iterator 3 times
).islice(  # take some elements from the middle
    5, 10
).chain(  # add 0-4 to the end
).chunk(  # separate into 2-length chunks

# __add__ and __radd__ are implemented for chaining other Iterators
added = transformed + iter([1, 2, 3])

# nothing has been evaluated yet!

# evaluate operations, reading into a list
# if tqdm is available, show progress bar
as_list = added.progress().to(list)

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