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fabnodes is a Python CLI application that creates prefabricated lambda nodes. Using these 'node prefabs' one can create complicated distributed processes.


The python requirements are stored in requirements.txt. fabnodes currently uses cfndsl to generate CloudFormation JSON files. The instructions to install cfndsl is available through the provided link.

Basic setup

Install the requirements:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the application:

$ python -m fabnodes --help

To run the tests (todo):

    $ pytest

Prefab: Basic Node

The Basic Node (samples/basic_node/ will create the most basic node with the following features:

  • N SQS inputs, where N can be 0 or greater
  • M SNS outputs, where M can be 0 or greater
  • 1 Lambda Function that triggers on any input, and can write to any output

Below is a masterpiece that will attempt to illustrate:


                                    |----------- Basic Node ----------|

.. -> SNS(SomeNode.alpha) ----\                          /--> SNS(output) -> ..
                               ---> SQS(input) -> Lambda
.. -> SNS(random topic)    ---/                          \--> (something)


To create this node your cwd needs to be the same as

fabnodes create --account-arn XXXXXXXXXXXX

At the moment the account-arn needs to be passed in because security.

This will make the calls required to CloudFormation that will create the above infrastructure.


The basic node has the following use-cases:

  • The Source Node: A node that reads from an input source (that isn't another prefab node) that then can forward to many through a topic (0:M node)
  • The Router: A node that takes an input and can 'farm' it out to specifically made workers (other prefab nodes) through named topics (1:M node)
  • The Worker: A node that listens on a topic, performs a specific task, then creates output (1:1 node)
  • The Ingest: A node that listens to many topics, consumes data, and then produces output for a non-prefab node (M:0 node)

The Sample:

Below is an explanation of the provided sample.

    {'name': 'Router', 'source': 'snsRouterTopicId'}])
    {'name': 'Alpha'}])
@fablib.Node('BasicNode', 'comRoaetFabnodeSample', 'Basic Node')
def lambda_handler(events, context):
    client = boto3.client('sns')
    sns_target_arn = os.environ['Alpha']
    body_content = json.dumps(events)
    response = client.publish(
        Message=json.dumps({'default': body_content}),
  • The lambda_handler method is defined exactly as a normal lambda handler
  • The decorators:
    • Distribution: defines the S3 bucket to put the code into
    • Inputs (a list of dictionaries): creates an SQS trigger that is subscribed to the defined SNS topic
    • Outputs (a list of dictionaries): creates an SNS topic that can be referenced in the os.environ dictionary
    • Node: defines the name of the lambda function, the name of the stack, and the description of the stack
      • The name of the stack can be used as a reference in other prefabs to create the input/output connections


fabnodes is a Python CLI application generated from

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