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Expose class members as Fabric tasks

Project description

Fabric has class-based tasks but they are limited: Task class represents a single task.

This module make it possible to have class-based Fabric task sets.


pip install fabric-taskset


TaskSet is a class that can expose its methods as Fabric tasks.


# my_lib/
from taskset import TaskSet, task

class SayBase(TaskSet):
    def say(self, what):
        raise NotImplemented()

    @task(default=True, alias='hi')
    def hello(self):

class EchoSay(SayBase):
    def say(self, what):
        local('echo ' + what)

instance = EchoSay()

from mylib import say

and then e.g.:

$ fab say.hi

taskset.task is a decorator declaring the wrapped method to be task. It acceps the same arguments as fabric.decorators.task so use it on methods just like fabric’s decorator is used on functions.

Acknowledgements is a very similar app. At the time of writing it is focused on old-style Fabric tasks and has a small deployment framework included.

In order to feed my NIH syndrome I create Fabric-taskset which exposes new-style Fabric tasks, provides slightly different API and doesn’t have extra goodies.

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