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Face Recognition (train/test/deploy)(tensorflow/tflite/keras/edgetpu)

Project description


Face recognition python library(tensorflow, opencv).

Usage (console)

try facelib --help to discover more


foo@bar:~$ python3 -m facelib train train_images/ lotr
Current pipeline: ssd_int8_cpu, mobilenetv2_fp32_cpu, densenet_fp32_cpu
Classifier named `lotr` succesfully trained and saved.
  • Folder structure:
Image Name Image
train_images/seanastin/0.jpg seanastin


foo@bar:~$ python3 -m facelib predict test_images/ -clf lotr -c -p
Current pipeline: ssd_int8_cpu, mobilenetv2_fp32_cpu, densenet_fp32_cpu
├───10 faces detected
├───['billy_boyd', 'sean_astin', 'viggo_mortensen', 'elijah_wood', 'liv_tyler', 'dominic_monaghan', 'sean_bean', 'ian_mckellen', 'peter_jackson', 'orlando_bloom']
├───5 faces detected
├───['dominic_monaghan', 'billy_boyd', 'elijah_wood', 'sean_astin', 'peter_jackson']
├───6 faces detected
├───['orlando_bloom', 'dominic_monaghan', 'john_rhys_davies', 'sean_astin', 'elijah_wood', 'billy_boyd']
├───5 faces detected
├───['dominic_monaghan', 'orlando_bloom', 'elijah_wood', 'liv_tyler', 'billy_boyd']
  • Folder structure:

  • Generated folders/files:

Image Name Image
test_images_facelib_cropped/billy_boyd/0_1.jpg billyboyd
test_images_facelib_cropped/liv_tyler/4_1.jpg livtyler
test_images_facelib_cropped/elijah_wood/3_1.jpg elijahwood
test_images_facelib_plotted/1.jpg 1

Usage (python)

from facelib import facerec
import cv2
# You can use face_detector, landmark_detector or feature_extractor individually using .predict method. e.g.(bboxes = facedetector.predict(img))
face_detector = facerec.SSDFaceDetector()
landmark_detector = facerec.LandmarkDetector()
feature_extractor = facerec.FeatureExtractor()

pipeline = facerec.Pipeline(face_detector, landmark_detector, feature_extractor)
path_img = './path_to_some_image.jpg'
img = cv2.imread(path_img)
img = img[...,::-1] # cv2 returns bgr format but every method inside this package takes rgb format
bboxes, landmarks, features = pipeline.predict(img)
# Note that values returned (bboxes and landmarks) are in fraction.[0,1]


Pip installation

pip3 install facelib

TFLite runtime installation

To use facelib.facerec package use the following bash command to install tflite-runtime pip package.

python3 -m facelib --install-tflite

or you can install from

Dev package

Tensorflow is required for package. If you wish you can download facelib with tensorflow using the following command.

pip3 install facelib[dev]



Feature extraction models are trained using insightfaces MS1M-Arcface.
Landmark Detection models are trained using VggFace2.


Image Augmentation

  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> Random augmentation for landmark detection


  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> DisturbLabel

Face Alignment

  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> Insightface
  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> GoldenRatio
  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> Custom Implementations


  • <input type="checkbox" disabled="" /> Widerface to TFRecords converter
  • <input type="checkbox" disabled="" /> VggFace2 to TFRecords converter
  • <input type="checkbox" disabled="" /> COFW to TFRecords converter

Loss Functions

Feature Extraction

  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> ArcFace
  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> CombinedMargin
  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> SphereFace(A-Softmax)
  • <input type="checkbox" disabled="" /> Center
  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> CosFace

Landmark Detection

  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> EuclideanDistance(with different norms)

Pretrained Models

Face Detection

  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> SSD
  • <input type="checkbox" disabled="" /> MTCNN

Face Feature Extraction

  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> MobileFaceNet
  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> SqueezeNet
  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> MobileNet
  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> MobileNetV2
  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> DenseNet
  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> NasNetMobile


  • <input type="checkbox" disabled="" /> Feature extraction model training
  • <input type="checkbox" disabled="" /> Landmark detection model training
  • <input type="checkbox" disabled="" /> Chokepoint test on pipeline

Facial Landmark Detection

  • <input type="checkbox" disabled="" /> SqueezeNet
  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> MobileNet
  • <input type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="" /> MobileNetV2
  • <input type="checkbox" disabled="" /> DenseNet


WiderFace Yang, Shuo, Ping Luo, Chen Change Loy, and Xiaoou Tang. “WIDER FACE: A Face Detection Benchmark.” ArXiv:1511.06523 [Cs], November 20, 2015.
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DisturbLabel arXiv:1605.00055 [cs.CV]
Single Shot Detector [1]W. Liu et al., “SSD: Single Shot MultiBox Detector,” arXiv:1512.02325 [cs], Dec. 2016.


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