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A complete, well-tested, and up-to-date module to manipulate Factorio blueprint strings. Compatible with mods.

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A 'draftsman' is a kind of artist that specializes in creating technical drawings across many engineering disciplines, including architectural, mechanical, and electrical. Similarly, factorio-draftsman is a Python module for creating and editing blueprints for the game Factorio.

from draftsman.blueprintable import Blueprint, BlueprintBook
from draftsman.constants import Direction
from draftsman.entity import ConstantCombinator

blueprint = Blueprint()
blueprint.label = "Example"
blueprint.description = "A blueprint for the readme."
blueprint.version = (1, 0)  # 1.0

# Create a alt-mode combinator string
test_string = "testing"
for i, c in enumerate(test_string):
    constant_combinator = ConstantCombinator()
    constant_combinator.tile_position = (i, 0)
    letter_signal = "signal-{}".format(c.upper())
    constant_combinator.set_signal(index=0, signal=letter_signal, count=0)

# Create a simple clock and blinking light
constant = ConstantCombinator()
constant.tile_position = (-1, 3)
constant.direction = Direction.EAST
constant.set_signal(0, "signal-red", 1) = "constant"

# Flexible ways to specify entities
    tile_position=[0, 3],
        "decider_conditions": {
            "first_signal": "signal-red",
            "comparator": "<=",
            "constant": 60,
            "output_signal": "signal-red",
            "copy_count_from_input": True,

# Use IDs to keep track of complex blueprints
blueprint.entities.append("small-lamp", id="blinker", tile_position=(2, 3))
blinker = blueprint.entities["blinker"]
blinker.set_circuit_condition("signal-red", "=", 60)
blinker.use_colors = True

blueprint.add_circuit_connection("green", "constant", "clock")
blueprint.add_circuit_connection("red", "clock", "clock", 1, 2)
blueprint.add_circuit_connection("green", "clock", "blinker", 2, 1)

# Factorio API filter capabilities
ccs = blueprint.find_entities_filtered(name="constant-combinator")
assert len(ccs) == len(test_string) + 1

blueprint_book = BlueprintBook()
blueprint_book.blueprints = [blueprint]

print(blueprint_book)  # Pretty printing using json
print(blueprint_book.to_string())  # Blueprint string to import into Factorio


Simply put, Draftsman attempts to provide a universal solution to the task of creating and manipulating Factorio blueprint strings, which are compressed text strings used by players to share their constructions easily with others. Draftsman allows users to programmatically create these strings via script, allowing for designs that would normally be too tedious to design by hand, such as combinator computer compilers, image-to-blueprint converters, pumpjack placers, as well as any other complex or repetitive design better suited for a computer's touch.

For a user-friendly timeline of how this project came about, as well as some pretty illustrations of it's capabilities, you can read an article written for the amazing fan-run community spotlight website Alt-F4.

For more information on what exactly Draftsman is and does, as well as its intended purpose and philosophy, you can read the documentation here.

For more examples on what exactly you can do with Draftsman, take a look at the examples folder.


  • Compatible with the latest versions of Python 2 and 3
  • Compatible with the latest versions of Factorio (1.0+)
  • Compatible with Factorio mods(!)
  • Well documented
  • Intuitive and flexible API
  • Useful constructs for ease-of-use:
    • Give entities unique string IDs to make association between entities easier
    • Filter entities from blueprints by type, region and other parameters just like Factorio's own API
    • Entities are categorized and organized within for easy and flexible iteration
    • Group entities together and manipulate them all as one unit
  • Verbose Errors and Warnings ("Factorio-safety" and "Factorio-correctness")
  • Expansive and rigorous test suite



pip install factorio-draftsman

This will install the latest version of Draftsman with a set of pre-generated data from the latest version of vanilla Factorio.

If you want to have the same data validation that Draftsman provides for vanilla data with mods as well, you can re-generate this data with the command line tool draftsman-update, which is described in detail here.

Testing with unittest:

python -m unittest discover

Note that testing currently is only guaranteed to work with a vanilla install.

Coverage with coverage:

coverage run

How to use mods with Draftsman:

Determine where your mods are installed; you can either copy the mods you want into the local site-packages/draftsman/factorio-mods folder where Draftsman is installed (which it looks in by default), or you can specify an external path with the -p or --path argument which can point to your Factorio mods folder or anywhere else convenient. Then, simply call draftsman-update or draftsman-update --path some/path/to/mods to automatically update the data associated with that Draftsman installation.

draftsman-update can also be called in script via the method draftsman.env:update() if you want to change the mod list on the fly:

from draftsman.env import update
update(verbose=True, path="some/path") # equivalent to 'draftsman-update -v -p some/path'

Both mod-info.json and mod-settings.dat are recognized by draftsman-update, so you can also just change the settings in either of those and the loading process will adjust as well.


  • Add warnings for placement constraints on rails, rail signals and train stops
  • Add constraints on UpgradePlanner and DeconstructionPlanner
  • Blueprint.schedules convenience functions
  • More doctests
  • Add documentation on report and contributing
  • Write test cases for dump_format
  • Add plaintext representations of Entity JSON objects for all entities in addition to blueprintables
  • Update modding documentation guide to reflect 2.0 changes
  • Reevaluate the diamond diagrams for inherited Entity subclass
  • Figure out exactly what determines if an Entity is flip-able or not
  • Maybe add interface so that mods can include files that can be loaded with Draftsman? (this would be neat)
  • Split documentation from docstrings so that each function has a more readable example
  • RailPlanner (specify rail paths via turtle-like commands)
  • Custom data.raw extraction and formatting?
  • Maybe integrate defaults for more succinct blueprint strings?
  • Unify entity validation into one monolithic thing
  • Investigate more performant alternatives to schema (validir? requires cython, currently we're pure python)
  • Look into Lua (or other language) bindings via backport to C/Cython

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