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FAIR Research Identifiers Service Client

Project description


Client SDK and CLI for the FAIR Research Identifiers Service.


The fair-identifiers-client package provides command line and SDK interfaces to the FAIR Research Identifiers Service.


Building and installing the fair-identifiers-client requires the use of the pipenv tool. Pre-install it with the command pip install --user --upgrade pipenv or a similar command suitable for your installation.


The default method of building the client is simply to use make install which creates the local executable file fair-identifiers-client. This default method assumes a build using Python version 3.6. Other versions of Python may be forced by setting the PYTHON_VERSION environment variable prior to running make install. For example, the command PYTHON_VERSION=2.7 make install will build for use with version 2.7 of the python interpreter.

At present, only python versions 2.7 and 3.6 have been tested.


A completed build will create an executable file fair-identifiers-client in the base directory for the project. Additional help running the command can be found using the command fair-identifiers-client --help. Typically, the first command to be executed will be fair-identifiers-client login to create a cache of the credentials needed to interact with the service in subsequent invocations of the command. The login command will open a web browser which will step you through logging in with your Globus identity and for providing consent for the command line tool to perform operations on the FAIR Research Identifiers Service on your behalf.

Use as an SDK

The SDK functionality is encapsulated in the source file fair_identifiers_client/ The Doc String comments on the various methods of the IdentifierClient class describe the parameters to the operations.


from fair_identifiers_client.identifiers_api import identifiers_client
from fair_identifiers_client.config import config
# Loads tokens stored from config
client = identifiers_client(config)
client.create_identifier(namespace='<my_namespace>', visible_to=['public'])

Use as a Command Line Client

A CLI client application comes with the installation, and can be used with fair-identifiers-client


Below are example commands

Print information on all options for creating identifiers

$ fair-identifiers-client identifier-create --help

Create an Identifier

fair-identifiers-client identifier-create --namespace <my_namespace> --visible-to public

Update an identifier

Add a location

fair-identifiers-client identifier-update --identifier <myidentifier> --locations

Add many fields

fair-identifiers-client identifier-update --identifier <myidentifier> --locations --checksum-sha256 sha256checksum --checksum-md5 mymd5checksum --metadata file://foo.json<!-- @IGNORE PREVIOUS: link -->

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