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Fake useragent randomly generates a useragent for fetching a webpage without a browser.

Project description

Randomly generate a fake useragent.

This project's idea is inspired by fake-useragent. I rewrote the whole codes in order to boost performance by:

  • using asyncio and aiohttp to improve fetching speed
  • taking advantage of Xpath to improve parsing speed
  • changing random choice algorithm to improve random choice speed

Supported browsers are: chrome, edge, firefox, safari, and opera. Browser name is case insensitive. Some other possible spellings of each browser are mapped to the right one (e.g. "ie" -> "edge", "google" -> "chrome").


On your terminal, enter fakeua

In python script, just import the function. Every time you run your python script, the user agent is randomly chosen, so each time the value is different.

from fake_user_agent.main import user_agent

# Not specify a browser:
ua = user_agent()

# Specify a browser to randomly choose from:
ua = user_agent("chrome")

# Using tempfile takes less than 0.001s from the second time. 
# Not using it takes less than 3s because of fetching data on the web each time.
# By default tempfile is used, you can turn it off by:
ua = user_agent(use_temfile=False)

# If there is an async function needing a useragent in your script, 
# don't put `user_agent()` in your async function, put it above instead. 

# You can also import multithreading version offered.
# Time taken is no big difference with the default asyncio version.
# All usages are same, except that `user_agent()` can be put within an async function. 
from fake_user_agent.thread_version import user_agent

# Remove tempfile

Remove tempfile with terminal command on Linux or MacOS. Replace var with respective folder name on Windows

find /var/ -name "fake_useragent*" -type f -exec rm {} \;


pip install fake_user_agent

Project details

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